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Ängsö Slott

In its beginnings before 1272 the castle was owned by Riseberga Monastery.

The current building is a stone cube spanning four stories. The lower floors are fully medieval. In the 1630’s the castle was rebuilt. The years 1740-1741 added the top floor and the lantern crown on the roof. A number of room interiors have been preserved from this period.

The castle was built by the Privy Councillor Bengt Fadersson in the 1480’s. Parts were added to fortify it. Bengt Fadersson, like his son Knut Bengtsson, was Privy Councillor to King Kristian II. Knut Bengtsson was shot in Västerås in 1521 when defending the city against Gustav Vasa’s army. The castle fell in 1522 after a prolonged siege to be taken by King Gustav Vasa, but 15 years later, Knut Bengtssons daughter Hillevi retook the castle of ‘King Gustav’

A number of ghosts are said to haunt the castle. One is a hunchbacked court jester.

Another is a woman who wanders through the Royal Suite into the ballroom at 8 pm in the evening. She took mortal fright when ghosts attacked her in the nearby church on Christmas Eve. After being struck by a sword thrown by a phantom, she fainted. 3 days later she died.

The third ghost is a dog that runs from the main dining room into the parlor.

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