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Colds, Rides & Planning
June 20, 2012, 7:20 am
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Recently Discovered Path Near Apartment

The frequency of my rides has dropped slightly since Jens’ return from London. He brought a rather nasty cold with him which I’ve been fighting. So far, I’ve managed a holding pattern and not been as sick as he. It must be all the fresh strawberries grown in the fields I pass every time I ride the Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop. The imported out-of-season berries can’t match them. Even so, I’ve been taking it a little easy rather than risk overworking my system and letting the cold get a tighter grip.

Another reason for taking it a little easier is the hope Loke’s feet will be sounder for our trip this week. His health has been good, except for seeming to be more tenderfooted than in past years. The infections have not returned to the skin of his feet, though I think he has a little problem in the toe-nail that turned orange during the last bout. No unexplained seizures and his appetite has been good and energy levels high, annoyingly so. Take him on a 7 mile run and 15 minutes at home, he’s letting me know it wasn’t nearly long enough. Leaves me caught between a rock and a hard place between exercising him enough and coddling his feet.

As for the trip, we’re all heading north-east for a fishing/cycling trip this coming weekend. I found an area around part of the Sverigeleden I thought might have good fishing for Jens. We’re leaving Thursday after lunch and will have 2 full days for our activities and half a day on Sunday before returning home.

The ride planned for the first morning, I leave the cabin and go along the river next to where we’re staying and then around a small lake. Saturday though, I’ll be leaving from Hagfors to follow the Sverigeleden southward toward Karlstad. I feel a bit guilty about that leg since it will mean driving for Jens to drop me off and pick me up. I can’t help but be excited about it though. 70-80 miles of cycle path built over an old rail line! The only time I’ll have to worry about traffic is the rare moments I leave the path to get pictures of churches. Being an old rail line, it will be mostly flat. The draw back is it will also be arrow straight for significant stretches. Trains, new or old, are not known for lots of surprising and sharp turns. Sunday will mean I’m even farther from the cabin, but at least the drive to pick me, trike and Loke up will be kinda on the way home.

That extended weekend planned, I now have to decide on another place for Jens and I to go for the first week of July. Jens initially suggested Storblåsjon again, but that would mean a lot of driving for him since I’ve already cycled the areas close the cabin and the mountains limit the number of roads. South and west toward Norway is about the only option there. Exciting for me, but probably a drag for him to ferry us back and forth as I ride further from the cabin over the week.

He also suggested Öland again. I’ve seen quite a lot of it and the idea of going during the height of the tourist season is less appealing than in May or October.

I’m thinking of us going more northward again, though not so far as the Storblåsjon. An area of lots of streams and lakes where the Sverigeleden radiates out in 3 directions from a central point with lots to see and small connecting roads between. I think I’ll even want to go to a zoo in the area to see my first ever Kodiak bear. I was surprised when Jens told me a Swedish zoo has one. They keep a running water source in his habitat full of trout for him to fish from. I’ve seen European brown, polar and black bears in zoos, even black bears in the wild, but never a Kodiak.

Non-trip related stuff!

Jens seems keen to add another toy to my cycling kit. A GoPro helmet camera. I’ve often said, ‘Pity I didn’t have a video camera to share (insert funny occurrence)’ and now I’m dragging my feet when offered one. My reluctance is a bit less since Jens showed me a video tutorial of how to fix the fish-eye distortion of a GoPro recording in Photoshop with a few clicks. Even better that you can save the settings so you can fix later recordings with even fewer clicks! I’m not sure why, but every sport, helmet-mountable camera I’ve researched has the horrid fish-eye lens. For some inexplicable reason, it’s the industry standard. Gives me a headache and makes me nauseous to watch more than a minute.

The main reason for my reluctance is cost, particularly when there are other things I deem less frivolous. Perhaps a new trike so I can have the rear derailleur further from the ground for riding in the winter or on loose gravel with big stones. Or maybe even just a 26″ wheel conversion kit for my current trike. Also I’m trying to encourage Jens to get himself a nifty new toy. He talks himself out of goodies all the time. He should spoil himself every now and again. If he spoils me much more, I’ll be insufferable.


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