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First – The Drama
May 19, 2012, 6:43 am
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I’m going go do this as two posts for those who want to skip the long detailed description of the past week’s drama. Heaven knows, I would if I could have. *smirk*

I’ve barely been riding outdoors because of the dratted ankle. Even though I can wear my cycle shoes just fine and pedal without wanting to weep, the injury in my left leg simply would not allow me to get the trike out the door. Carrying the extra weight of it as well as the three trips up and down the stairs required have been impossible. My husband has been unable to work from home so hasn’t been around to take everything out for me. So, I spent the better part of two weeks pedaling on my trainer and staring out the window with growing frustration at everything barring my way to packing trike, trailer and dog to get out on tours. The weather has been near perfection for riding and camping. A little windy at times. Occasional spats of rain, but not too hot and not too cold and mostly sunny.

The feeling of being penned in has been making me moody and sour. I know it though felt fairly helpless to correct it.

Then of course, pile on more worries about my beloved furry cycle partner. I came very close to having a long hysterical cry.

Loke had some kind of… episode. I’m not sure what else to call it. Except maybe a seizure? My husband went to take his dinner plate to the kitchen on Tuesday. Loke, for some reason, seemed more desperate than usual to want to lick it clean like he used to do. He was bouncing around and did a couple whirls and then suddenly, his body went weird. He began thrashing around as his forelegs went stiff and balance seemed fail him. His hindquarters appeared to lose coordination and hind legs buckled. With his front legs still sticking out like planks, he would have toppled right over his tail into the shoe rack if Jens hadn’t grabbed his collar. I went to help as Loke still struggled for some kind of equilibrium, but seemed disoriented. His heart was hammering inside his chest. It felt more like a fist thumping his ribs from inside.

Once it started easing, I was in motion. I ignored my foot to hurriedly pull on shoes, grab my purse and leash the furball who sat with a distinct leftward tilt. When Jens asked what I was doing, I said I was taking Loke to the vet before he closed. By the time I was ready to go and began the short walk to the parking lot, Loke was fine. From full blown fit to normal husky in less than 6 minutes. I was suddenly at a loss. Reluctantly, I decided to wait until Loke’s appointment the next day since all Niclas would see any way was a perfectly healthy dog.

Niclas was shocked when I told him about the episode and I think a little disappointed I hadn’t at least called. We decided it would be unwise to subject the furry one to general anesthesia so soon after the unexplained occurrence. He did give Loke a thorough going over. Checked his eyes for normal responses, make me walk him around, listened to his heart when I told of how hard it had been beating. He decided we’ll give it a week to see if it happens again. If it doesn’t, he’ll still take blood tests and we’ll decide to go through the minor surgery or not. If it did happen again, I was to CALL HIM. Even if it was a weekend evening.

As for Loke’s feet, Niclas thought they looked pretty good for the moment, though not entirely satisfied with the toe nail. He decided we’ll not do any further treatment though. That way, if the infection returns to the skin between the toes or between the foot pads, we can get a clean sample for analysis. Just keep the feet as clean and dry as I can.

Thursday, my mood was even worse. Too worried to take Loke out the door for even a rolling walk even though Jens was home to be my strong back (and ankles) to get all outside. I didn’t even have the oomph to go on a River Loop or Ulva/G. Uppsala loop alone.

It has to be said. Jens’ patience with my grouchy, half-crippled self has been astounding and thanks to him, I did go for a ride yesterday. New post for that though!


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