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This Is Getting Ridiculous!
May 3, 2012, 3:51 am
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Really it is. If it’s not Loke, it’s me that is the obstacle to going on a tour. I’ll try to stick to a rough order of things on this update.

I did call the vet as soon as it hit 11 am, hoping not to wake him like the last time I called when the clinic was closed. Niclas listened patiently as I described the appearance of Loke’s toe-nail and my concerns if the infection could make the transition between nail to the bone. He put that fear to ease, but did say the nail might need to be removed if it didn’t respond to treatment. I quickly did research and found that while that might be unpleasant for Loke, it’s not generally a crippler like it can be for cats.

Fortunately, it is responding to treatment! *whew*

We did another River Loop during the week. In spite of the sores on the bottom of his feet and the scary looking nail, Loke went fine. I made sure we went in a more leisurely pace, but Loke seemed to be happy at being out and moving for more than 3 km. We did 9 km (a bit over 6 miles). Not a trace of a limp even when he walked through gravel. That’s about all I can say about that ride. Honestly, unless a pheasant jumps out at my head or the like, it feels a little silly to even mention the rides. It would be kinda like a hamster blogging about his nights on the wheel. ‘Ran last night! It was great!’ ‘Ran last night, but felt a little off. Must have been a bad sunflower seed I ate’.

We were coming up quick on the long weekend for May Day. I had the car on Friday as Jens took the train. Loke and I went out to the woods for another walk/shuffling run. The furry one wasn’t quite as well behaved or funny on this one, but not a nightmare either. So, we walked until coming to a spot in the path that turned into 10 meter stretch of bog with no way around it. I didn’t run much, but we still had a nice walk.

In the evening when taking Loke out to mark the shrubbery, putting on my shoe hurt. It put pressure on the area around my ankle bone which felt bruised as if slammed against something hard. By Saturday morning, it was worse and I was limping. We did go out to Gysinge (aka The Streams) with the intention of trying out the new camp stove, walking Loke and letting Jens fish. Turned into me sitting at a picnic table, reading a book in the sun while Jens walked Loke before deciding not to fish. We did try the stove to boil water for Jens’ coffee. It did it quicker than our water boiler at home could do a liter. Pretty impressive.

It continued to get worse through the May Day weekend. Monday when the scent of bonfires filled the evening air and sounds of merry-makers filled the streets, I could barely walk at all. Tuesday, officially May Day, as I woke to the reek of old, HUGE fires as we do every May 1st. It really does smell as if the entire city caught fire.

Tuesday, it got even worse. The ankle swelled that evening and I debated going to the hospital. Of course, by then it was 9 pm and I decided to wait to see how it looked/felt in the morning.

The swelling as gone when I woke yesterday, but still too painful to walk. Even hobbling around the apartment is a challenge. I called the medical advice line and listed the symptoms and order of progression. They advised me to go to the emergency room with my history of blood clots. Resigned, I began to get ready, calling in hopes that Jens’ father could give me a ride. He could and I called Jens to let him know. He offered to come home, but I was fine doing all this alone.

So, I spent the better part of 4 hours at the hospital yesterday. I was more worried I’d be put in a cast than I was about a blood clot. I figured I must have done some kind of damage on the Friday walk/run. The medical staff were all great. I got checked in right away to wait in the outer lobby. Sat for less than 15 min before being taken to an exam room to wait for the doctor. That took about half an hour, but at least I wasn’t left sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours.

Peter, a very nice doctor, took all the information he needed calmly, asked for a few clarifying details about my DVT (deep vein thrombosis aka blood clot) in 2006 and precisely how this had begun and progressed. After a careful look, he decided it was unlikely to be a blood clot because of the nature of symptoms and location. So, off I went to X-ray. THAT was more tedious. I still have trouble with my tailbone from time to time and the chairs in the X-ray waiting area were down right brutal. I was thrilled when I got to limp back to the exam room in the ER.

The results? No stress fractures in the bone so it’s likely a soft tissue injury. He recommended I try to keep moving, though take it easy and keep the weight off the foot as much as possible for at least a week. That means I can at least pedal my trike on the trainer. No touring and the weather has been utterly glorious and perfect.

Of course, by the end of the week we’re looking at freezing temps and possibilities of snow again. It could be another freakish May snow fall for the 2nd year in a row! *bleah*


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