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It Arrived!!
April 4, 2012, 10:18 am
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Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I had laundry planned, but Jens worked from home. When he returned from a short walk with Loke, he announced he would do the laundry if I went for a ride. That was an absolute no-brainer. Out in the sunshine with mild breezes even if it was a bit nippy at 38 F or, slogging back and forth between buildings to tend washing machines and driers.

Loke was moderately excited as I began to get ready. Jens had just enough time to carry the main body of the trike out before a conference call. I had to take the seat and such out on my own, but that was no problem. As I set the seat down, I saw the mail package delivery truck park a little down. The woman walked up with a white box. Smiling I asked if it was from the US. She said yes and I said it likely was for me. She said it was for Jens and asked my name. When I said Montgomery, she smiled and said it was from another Montgomery and was happy to let me sign for it. Giggling, I ran back in with it.

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag!

It was my sleeping bag! Since everything was already outside for a ride, I set the box down and went out.

A quick flash forward to today! I finally had time to open it. I LOVE IT! I can deal with the teal and gray color. It’s nice and fluffy. The best thing is, it’s not a constricting mummy. There’s room in the shoulders and hips for my arms. I can move them around a bit and even put them at my sides. In the bag I used last year I almost had to dislocate a shoulder to get my arms settled after zipping it and then the only place for them were tightly pinned against my body with hands flat on my tummy. Barely enough space to twitch my feet, couldn’t flex my knees. Bunches of cold spots because knees and arms were so tightly pressed against the fill.

I was giggling and wiggling all over the place when I zipped it up to try it out. FREEDOM!!

So, Loke and I went back out the trike after putting the box in the apartment. It threw the furry one for a bit of loop when I told him right instead of just streaking across the road. Then it was another right before taking a left. The new direction lit a fire under Loke’s feet and he flew. Soon we zipped a left past the mosque. The breeze was down right cold at times, but I wisely had thin wool under my cycle clothes. The sun shone warm between the big fluffy clouds that drifted across the sky.

I decided to ride the shortened Vaksala Loop. It’s right at 10 miles. It used to be 13, but those 3 miles I didn’t ride, 2 of them are incredibly boring. Mind-numbing even. I think even Loke wants to fall asleep when we cross it. As we made the turn after passing Gamla Uppsala church, it wasn’t long before I came to a colder spot. Significant patches of snow lingered in the trees and a 100-150 yard section of the road still had ice. We made it with no difficulties and thankfully the ‘roller coaster’ section of the ride was clear. That part is pretty fun with the little hills up and down and Loke particularly loves it.

On a longer slope, Loke’s speed kicked in and I saw something small in the middle of the road. Finally close enough to see it, I was shocked to see a squirrel. Sweden’s little red squirrels are just so cute and this guy sat on his haunches in the sun right in the center of the road. The closest tree was over 50 yards away. It wasn’t until we were less than 30 feet from him that he at last bolted with a little flick of his tail. By that time, our speed was nearly 20 mph.

As the squirrel vanished into the branches, I saw horses in a pasture ahead. As usual, I began calling out, hoping they’d be the indifferent sort or, even better, curious. I started to slow down in case they were the frightened kind. Nope. Their heads swung round as Loke put all his weight into fighting the brakes, so we still had about 15 mph. They came running, heads up and tails raised like banners. Blowing and making little half-whinny sounds they ran along the fence with us. I had a huge grin on my face. I love it when horses or even cows run with us. Too quickly, we all reached the end of the pasture.

I Haven't A Clue...

From there to the mall, the ride was rather boring. Just riding along a major road on a cycle path. We went through the mall parking lot to paths behind the 4H pastures where there’s a park area between the 4H and an apartment block. Passing one section of pasture, I had to stop for a double take. As many times as I’ve ridden past the spot, I’d never noticed this peculiar sculpture sitting in the middle of the field. It’s covered in mosaic tiles and I suppose it could be birds of some sort. It was just the oddest thing and I wonder how long its been there.

After taking the picture with just my iPhone, we hurried on. As we came to the cluster of trees which generally has the murder of nesting crows, a woman caught up to us on the bike. She was utterly entranced with Loke. Told me he was a beautiful dog and wanted to know how far we’d gone. She took a different direction at the next turn. Then we were zipping past another school. A group of 4 boys spotted us coming and moved to one side of the path. I called out my thanks and received the Swedish equivalent of ‘You’re welcome’ followed by ‘Nice dog!’ Loke gets far more attention and interest than my trike.

Crocus! Not the first of the year, but the year's first photo!

We were almost home when I spotted the crocus and happily paused to take a picture of them. Favorite spring-time flower. It felt nice to get home and know the laundry was already mostly done thanks to my amazing hubby.


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