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Agony of Indecision!
April 1, 2012, 6:50 am
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Well, the days have marched on since the big shocker Jens threw me and he still seems moderately enthusiastic about upgrading my trike. He’s VERY enthusiastic and determined I go to England even if I decide I shouldn’t get the new ICE Sprint.

I’m rather ambivalent about the idea of a trip.

First, I dread London. My first taste of the city 15 years ago left a bad taste in my mouth for it. It was insanely busy and crowded, traffic everywhere. All that just seemed to crush any other enjoyment I might have had at the idea of the architecture and history of my surroundings. The blissful peace of Hyde Park is the only thing I remember fondly and first time I ever saw a magpie. I like magpies. They’ve kinda filled the spot in my heart once occupied by the blue jays of the southern US.

The idea of navigating trains, subways and buses is a bit daunting as well. Small town girl that I am, I’ve never had to use them. At least not alone and my experiences riding such with other people during a brief visit to Chicago did not inspire confidence.

But Jens has continued to be very encouraging. Kept telling me to call his sister and see if she wanted to come. I finally did. I rather expected that she wouldn’t be able to get away from work, but her response was an over-joyed, “I’d love to! Count me there!”

So, I’ve started looking at the trip. Jens reminded me I’d talked about seeing the Lion King play. Yep, we can do that. There’s also the British Museum which I’ve wanted to see since I was a young girl. So, maybe a day in London won’t be so bad.

Looking into Falmouth, I’m a bit more encouraged. The place is a small sea-side resort village/town with a good, but simple bus system. Two castles nearby, nice B&Bs everywhere. Beaches of course. Then there’s the Eden Project just a few miles away! Even looking at a map, there’s a bus stop right next to the ICE location! For a test ride, I also found what appears to be a lovely medieval church not far away. So, now I’m far more excited about Falmouth than I ever could be about London.

Admittedly, I barely noticed Falmouth in 2006. We stopped at the Eden Project, zipped to ICE to test ride the Trice and scurried on to Tintagel. Anything more about Falmouth was an unnoticed blur.

So, it seems I am planning a trip. Still not sure when we’ll be going since that needs to be settled between Martina and Jens. I really don’t want him being dragged off on a business trip and leaving other people stuck wrestling Loke down twice a day for feet slatherings.

And yes, the slathering continues. Loke actually went back to the clinic on the 30th. This time the fungus is back. I didn’t need any new prescriptions though. I still had the alcohol/iodine mix to wash his feet with and plenty of the ointment. It’s starting to look as if the furball might be stuck eating antibiotics and ointment applications for the rest of his life. Just makes me want to cry. The good news is I caught it very early, so no need to stop cycling. Granted, I’ve not been cycling much. Just feel so drained from dealing with Loke’s feet.

We’ve had a cold snap, though not cold enough to actually stop me if I did go out cycling. Just the low 30’s. The 3 inches of snow that briefly buried us yesterday was a bit of a shock though most of it vanished very quickly. The city workers didn’t even have a chance to put gravel down for it. All that’s left now is a few small piles in the shady parts of lawns and some ice in a couple patches on our parking lot.

So, that’s all in a nut shell. A rather short post for me, isn’t it?


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