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Veterinarians & Spring
March 8, 2012, 7:01 am
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My, but this blog is turning out to be more on Loke than my cycling. I can’t help it though. The gray and white 50 lb (22.5 kg) furball has become a huge part of my favorite activity. I love his company. I love his goofy, tongue flapping husky grins as we zip down a hill or the way he gives me the strangest looks for reasons I can’t fathom. Even when he seems peeved because I told him right and then turned left is endearing. It might be slower going with Loke, but it is rarely boring and I’m sure I smile a lot more than I would do if solo.

Needless to say this foot issue distresses me on so many levels. Not only having Loke unable to do what he loves most in the world, but the idea that it might be taken from both of us indefinitely.

Loke and I went back to the vet on Monday (March 5th) when, in the process of scrubbing and slathering his feet, I discovered a lump in the webbing between two of his toes. It felt hard and about the size of a pea. I think it’s in the same spot where I discovered the most recent infection wound which prompted this round of treatment. I was down-right heart sick as we walked to the vet to make an appointment for Tuesday. Niclas said he’d not be in Tuesday, so had me taken to an exam room.

It wasn’t a long wait. Niclas took a quick look and pondered for a moment. He decided our biggest concern should be getting the original inflection taken care of. The lump was a concern, but since Loke was on antibiotics, we should see how it played out. He wanted to look at it again on Wednesday (March 7th). When I asked how much I owed, he waved it off with a smile and shake of his head.

Yesterday also was the last day for the ointment on Loke’s feet. Sadly, his toes looked no better than on Sunday/Monday. Too pink and a bit raw around the edge of one toenail. The lump was still there, but seemed less puffy though not much smaller if that makes any sense. We went to the clinic for our appointment of course. It surprises me I don’t have to drag Loke when we walk that way since the only time we take those particular roads are on the way to the vet.

A quick look at the foot, Niclas decided to give Loke another injection. I also plucked up the courage to discuss medicinal honey. Niclas seemed rather intrigued when I told him about my research and agreed it wouldn’t hurt and if it helped that would be great. When I mentioned that it could be ordered here in Sweden from a veterinary supply site, he told me if the site only allows vets to order, he’ll do it for me. All I have to do is tell him exactly what’s needed. He wants to see us again on Friday. When I went to to the reception counter to pay, I was told we’d settle up during my next visit.

If I had to guess? Daffodils!

On the way back home from the clinic, I found what I consider the first traces of spring. Yes, hedges and the like are budding, but they’ve been budding most of the winter before freezes wiped them out. These are the first sign of flowers I’ve seen. I’m more inclined to believe these as a sign of spring’s arrival over unpredictable shrubbery.

Of course, this indication the threat of snows may be passing left a bitter sweet feeling in its wake. What would the warmer weather bring? Cycling and tours? Languishing at home because of Loke’s feet? Ideally, I’d love for it to be out and about with a healthy, grinning husky. Or worst case, a summer like the last one where heat kept us in, not a stubborn infection. Fingers crossed all around.

I have taken Loke out for a couple more rolling walks (out with the trike at walking speed). With my husband away on business, it’s the only way to be sure Loke gets enough distance to take care of business. I’d rather not be nudged out of bed by the furball at 2 am. That’s too early even for me!

He still doesn’t like going so slow, but he’s adjusting to the idea I think. The last outing of 2.7 miles on Tuesday, I accidentally left the gears on the highest setting when I took it off the trainer. A week ago, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Loke would have just thrown his weight into the harness to drag us along our ‘wild mile’ where I could easily gear down. Instead, I had to try and roll forward with one foot while working the pedal with the other wishing it would bump to the middle chain ring. No help from Loke at all.  Such is the price, I guess.

On one of our last outings, we saw a male pheasant. It was along a residential street with cute little houses all sitting cheek to jowl. Not an area one usually associates with wild, non-aquatic game birds. Gave a little interest to another wise yawn-inducing ride. I’ll be taking him out again today for another 2.7 miles at 4-5 mph. Ho-hum. At least the weather’s been pretty even if a bit nippy!


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