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Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting
March 5, 2012, 7:39 am
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For what? For Loke’s foot to heal. For the package with my sleeping bag and pad to arrive from my dad in the states. For the insurance to reimburse money from the vet visits so I can purchase Loke’s shelter.

All Important Signature

At least ´this photo shows ONE thing I no longer have to wait on. That’s the page with Niclas’ (I’ve been misspelling his name, sorry!) signature making Loke’s passport valid. One slight glimmer of a silver lining in the otherwise negativity. Of course, it will annoy my husband if we can’t get Loke’s recurring infection under control so I can actually take the furry one on tours into other countries. *sigh*

Already considered a few times jumping on my trike and pedaling toward Denmark once the nights quit hitting the low 20’s.

I did actually get a couple rides in since my last post though of one them barely counts. Just a smidge over 4 miles at about… 4 mph. Loke really needed a long walk, but with Jens’ new job consuming so much of his time, it fell to me. Back aching, I decided the only way to do it was take the trike.

It kind of worked. Made Loke completely crazy mind you, but otherwise it went fine. He simply couldn’t understand why we had to poke along. No running at all for which I kept getting nasty looks. As long as I kept him to smooth, clear pavement I saw no sign of limping. As soon as we came to gravel covered path or I swerved him into the grass/ice/snow to do his business, he limped.

Then a couple days ago, he’d been limp free, so I decided to risk a more proper run. Just a bit over 3 miles and I was careful not to push him. Our top speed was no more than 12 mph which still got me irritated glances. When Jens reported Loke limped during his evening walk, I took a close look. Remember the little wound I found just before our last trip to the vet clinic? Well apparently, it’s still around. Just hidden. I found a slightly swollen little knot which I proceeded to scrub with the iodine solution. Loke seemed to sulk at me for a while after that.

Yesterday, it hit me that as irritating as all the things connected with Loke’s feet may be, one thing bothers me most of all. Loke’s wariness of me. All the foot scrubbing/slathering and hair clipping means he dreads my approach even if I just happen to be passing by. I’ve gone from being the protective alpha, giver of food and provider of 10-20 mile runs to The Tormentor. It just breaks my heart. At least we still have ‘Love the Puppy’.

What’s ‘Love the Puppy’? I lean over and hold my arms out, saying ‘Love the puppy!’ (of course) and Loke goes all cute and wiggly as he comes over to get hugs, scratches and kisses. He knows when I do that only affection will be the result. I’ve never used it as an easy way to get hold of him for whatever medical treatments I need to inflict. I will chase him around the apartment before I abuse ‘Love the Puppy’.

The ‘Love the Puppy’ phenomenon is only a few years old and I’m not even sure how it developed. I just remember one day, I did it and Loke came right to me and very adorably. I tried it again a few minutes later with the same result. It works only for me. Jens tries it and Loke just gives him a look from 10 feet away wagging his tail.

Okay, so I’m a cutsie sap at times when it comes to Loke. I don’t dress him up though! End of embarrassing revelations for now. *blush*

So, that’s where things stand right now. Just waiting and torturing Loke with foot scrubs.


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Nothing sappy about Love the Puppy! My dog likes the same and I quite enjoy it myself :0)

Comment by dexey

Well, that makes me feel a bit less silly for ‘Love the Puppy’ 😀

Comment by Terii

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