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And It’s Official!
February 25, 2012, 3:20 am
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Or will be in a few days. Loke’s passport that is. This last blood test came back with a sufficient amount of antibodies. So, all that’s left is to get to the vet’s so it can be stamped or whatever to let Loke move freely through EU countries. Wouldn’t it be incredible if I actually managed to get to Belgium this year?

After all the fuss and hair pulling it took to get the passport, I’m glad we started when I did. If I’d waited and left it as a last minute thing I’d been stewing about the amazing trip I had to cancel because Loke wouldn’t have been allowed back into Sweden if we went anywhere other than Norway.

Otherwise, things are quiet. Waiting for the melt to progress and not be set back with new layers. I guess they’re to be expected though since March is typically our snowiest month. That’s true of the Gulf Coast of the US too though. The incredibly rare snow flurries in Mississippi have most often come in March by my memory. It always seemed like when it snowed, it wrecked spring break to the anguish of high school and college students.

Jens is taking a week long trip in a bit. It’s actually made me itchy to rent a cabin further south where there’s not a trace of snow or ice to be seen. Gotta love Swedish weather cameras even if I do feel a bit teased by the sight of all those clear roads, temps of nearly 50 F during the days and above freezing over night. My husband seems amazingly okay with the idea of spending the money. Just think! A week doing day rides in a new area before it’s what I consider warm enough for touring. *dreamy sigh*

My new helmet is ordered. It’s a racing helmet, but it seemed to fit best of all the ones I tried. I also ordered a sleeping bag! It’s rated for 35 F so hopefully no more shivering through 45 F nights and NOT a mummy bag! No more being pinned with my arms uncomfortably against my ribs/hips and ankles side by side just wishing I could shift position or even scratch my nose without having to unzip. Though it’s been delivered, I still don’t have it since it had to be shipped to my dad. The brand (Big Agnes) doesn’t seem to be sold any where in Sweden and the online places I found with Big Agnes goods that ship here didn’t have THAT sleeping bag. Now, just have to wait for my father to get it shipped to me.

I’m also replacing my sleeping pad with one that rolls up to nearly a quarter of the size. I’ll need that extra space for Loke’s shelter which is also big enough protect my trike seat from dew/rain over night. We’ve also been looking at camp stoves for me, but I haven’t quite convinced myself I need one. I barely eat on rides/tours and generally just a few bites of granola and nuts or piece of fruit. Not sure getting a stove would change that. Jens has said though if we do buy it, we’d make a point of going out every pretty weekend this summer to cook an outdoor meal. Meat on the grill and some kind of side-dish with the stove. That makes it more worth the risk. Hehe.

So, for now, that’s all of the cycling related stuff I have. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride soon!


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