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General Update!
February 21, 2012, 8:28 am
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No riding since my destructive tumble.

The day before the new seat clamps arrived, we were blanketed with 5+ inches of snow effectively putting a stop to rides until it thawed.

The package arrived in the Thursday mail, but since I was still a solid ache from neck to ankle on my left side, I waited until Friday to finally put the trike back together. John sent me both types of the closers for the under seat clamps. The old levers and the slightly newer twisty knobs. According to John, there were a lot of complaints in the beginning about difficulty with the quick release levers. I said I had no problem with them though granted, they’ve been a bit fiddly sometimes. So, John sent me both lever and knobs.

I must say, I definitely approve of the knobs! Yes, in theory, all you should need to do is flip the levers, but sometimes, they twist in or out a few threads making it hard to close them or too loose. Hence, the fiddling. The knobs? Slide the puppies in place, twist until solid and you’re good! Fiddle free!

During the week since the accident I made an appointment with the vet to get Loke’s blood test for rabies antibodies to validate his passport. During the wait, the 5″ of snow began to get packed down until Saturday when it warmed and rain came. Since then, everything has turned into a nightmare of slick, treacherous ice. Can barely put a nose outside the apartment without skidding wildly down the street. There are also deep frozen ruts in places, just waiting to smash a derailleur if I were crazy enough to take the trike out.

We’re still thawing today though. Most nights since the thawing started, we freeze, so it’s slow going.

Yesterday was the vet’s appointment. I skidded, slipped and wobbled while Loke walked along the streets to the clinic. I’m surprised I didn’t have to drag Loke along since the only time we walk that way is to go to the vet.

Blood taken, waiting for vaccine

He was miserable as soon as we went in though. He cringed at the sight of the clippers and kept jerking his leg as the vet tech shaved the fur so they could find a vein. As the paper work was fiddled with, I asked if we could get Loke’s kennel cough vaccination. Poor fuzzy. What he thought was an innocent walk just kept getting worse for him. He despises the nasal squirt. Can’t blame him. I’m sure getting a cold, very sharp smelling liquid blasted up a nostril when you smell 10x better than a human is pleasant.

Niklas, the vet, was glad to see Loke’s feet looking pretty good too.

So, if the thaw continues like it is today, I might get back out again before the first of March. Fingers crossed! Until then, I’m jumping on my trainer and watching DVDs.


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