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Updates on Feet!
February 5, 2012, 5:48 am
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Getting an e-mail that someone had asked about Loke’s feet via comments, reminded me I’ve been remiss in keeping the blog up-to-date!

Loke’s feet are improving. The last wound is nearly healed and he’s coming to the end of the antibiotic pills and the fungal ointment. I’m reservedly optimistic. He’s not been a happy puppy though. I dig out the cotton balls and ointment and he slinks off to his bed with all 4 feet tucked securely under him. When my husband’s home, we manhandle poor fuzzy onto the couch where Jens cuddles him as I do what needs to be done. The only thing he hasn’t minded is the pill, probably because it’s rolled neatly into a piece of ham that he gulps down with no idea there’s something extra in it.

I’m fairly sure Loke hates the new diet, or would if he could think of his sudden deprivations as a diet. So many of the things he loves he’s no longer allowed. We had reindeer in a sour cream sauce with mashed potatoes (VERY Swedish!) and he spent the whole time drooling as we ate. Then he tried to bully us into giving him his share of left over potatoes. Nope. He had to settle for 100 g of reindeer meat instead. He liked that, but he still really wanted some mash. Poor thing can’t understand why all his favorite things are suddenly a no-go. Jens feels guilty every time he eats something as Loke sits next to him with ribbons of drool hanging from his mouth and eyes nearly bugging out of his head with his silent pleas. Admittedly, I get little twinges too… then I think of how bad his feet look when in the full force of an infection and it goes away.

On the upside, we’ve cycled a few times more! Last week sometime, Jens came in from a walk with the fuzzy one to say it was a gorgeous, if cold day out. The snow on the paths was packed down so it shouldn’t clog my chain, I should go riding. I agreed.

We did just the river loop and extension. It was a pretty day even if it was 28 F or so. Loke was so happy to go he yodeled more than usual and he ran fine.

The next day was as pretty though a tiny bit colder. Jens was at work, but I decided it might be worth the risk to drag everything out in spite of my back. We did the Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop. The roads were a little less close to perfect for winter riding than the cycle paths had been. Ice! I didn’t have my studded tire on. I also didn’t have my shoe-covers so by mile 8, it felt like someone was twisting off my right big toe. I stopped at Ulva Mill to run into the bathroom to warm my toes.

As I came back out, it hit me another wonderful part of our rides had also been taken from Loke. During the summer, I’ve often stopped at places with ice cream and bought something for Loke. Most of the time, it’s been at Ulva. So, when I came back out, Loke was sitting cutely and wagging his tail as if to say, “I’m ready! Where is it?” That was my first, full blown sense of guilt for Loke’s food change. *sigh*

Loke drove me completely nuts on that ride. He kept trying to eat mucky snow. You know, that brown/gray crap that’s scraped off the road, contaminated with who knows what and extra? I’d offer him cold, clean water and he’d ignore it, only to try to gulp the gunk with in 3 steps of moving out! My arm started killing me from trying to keep his head up when I wasn’t riding as far from the dirty mound at the road edge as I could.

Since those last few rides last week, the temp has plummeted. I’m talking -15 c to -22 c plummeted. That’s 5 F to -7.5 F. Yes, below 0 F. Too much for me. I’ll admit I’ve been surprised that I’ve gone out multiple times at the -4 C (mid-20’s F). I guess it just shows that I’ve managed to get my clothing managed a bit better for cold riding. Hopefully when it breaks I can ride some more, provided we haven’t gotten 3 feet (1 meter) of snow by then. I do wish I had a 26″ on the rear of my trike. It would extend my riding by a few months by keep the rear chain a few inches further off the ground.

So, thank you for the well-wishes to Loke and I’ll try better to keep things updated if there’s a change!


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