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Year End Totals… Sorta
December 25, 2011, 6:16 am
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Roslags-Bro Kyrka

This has been a rough year for cycling. It began with trying to deal with insane amounts of snow melt (snowiest winter since I’ve been here) and then a spring that kept waffling between summer and winter. Throw in breaking spokes and over a dozen flats in 2 weeks before our incredibly short spring (barely 3 weeks) gave way to a scorching summer. Generally when we’ve gotten temps between  85-95+, it’s only stuck around for 2 or 3 weeks. Not this time. We baked for 3 months! Brutal in a country where even movie theaters and malls aren’t air conditioned, let alone homes. Loke and I mostly stayed home and melted between mid-June to September. Our trip to the far northern part of Europe was a welcome break from the broiling temps.

Church Ruin Near Huddinge Kyrka

Cycling in October, when the weather was cool enough to cycle, ended up ruined by a bad tumble I took while on a short hike. I slipped and went down hard on my tail bone on like Oct 3. I fractured it at the least, maybe even a clean break. I could barely move for weeks.

In spite of the litany of bad things interfering with my cycling, I managed to collect a LOT in terms of pictures of Swedish cultural heritage. I smashed last year’s mileage of 450 miles with a total somewhere around 650 this year, though given how freakishly warm our winter remains, I might edge it up by a few more miles in the last days of 2011. Tomorrow might be in the high 40’s or low 50’s (8 – 12 c) and clear!

Christmas has come which I view with a sense of anticipation as the days get longer. Our 5 hour 44 min long day has already increased by 3 minutes since Dec 22!

Since nothing, but the mileage is likely to change in the 6 days between now and New Years, here are my year-end totals!

Churches – 43

Runestones – 57

Ruins – 11

Burial Mounds/Fields – 10

Castles – 7

Miles – 651.3 (1048 km) All but 7 miles ridden with Loke.

Total Number of Rides – 54

Tours – 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and your Christmas is filled with the warmth of family and friends. Here’s to an incredible New Year’s Eve and an even better year to come!


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