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December 1, 2011, 8:39 am
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Yes, I know I vanished rather abruptly.  I’d be completely honest, there wasn’t much of an excuse for it except for a sense of frustration and the feeling that I was spending way too much time on the blog.  6 hours to crop photos and write about a 2 hour ride felt a little silly.

Then again,  I really did miss doing it and finally the pressure of missing out on blogging so many rides has brought me back.

Admittedly, this year has been frustrating. It started off frustrating and stayed that way. From the breaking spokes before the Öland trip right down to a silly amount of flats and then an insanely warm year. After the Öland trip, it got hot and stayed hot. Our spring was less than 3 weeks long and the summer with 85-9o+ F temps went unbroken for over 3 months. It all just sucked my will to ride.  I’m not fond enough of cycling to do it while nauseous from the heat or worrying about Loke suffering a heat stroke, so I rode very little.

What I did ride was generally nice enough though.  I covered a lot of the territory to the north-east of Uppsala with quite a few churches, ruins and runestones to be found.  Even more astounding?  I toured! Twice!! Once in the latter part of May and again in September.  Can you believe it? Actual tours! They both were just 1 night out, but it’s the first ones I’ve managed to do after 4 years of planning.

I’ve also seen the absolute northern most part of the Sverigeleden  way up in Norway’s Nordkapp which also happens to be Europe’s northern most point. Jens was laid off from his job but given a decent severance package. Knowing he’d not have so long a stretch of time open again, we took off for the far north.  That was an astounding trip.  Breathtaking scenery and a week in the far reaches of the Arctic circle on a small island in a tiny village of just 140 year round inhabitants. Our hosts who rented the cabin were wonderful and the cabin was very comfortable.  Though Jens and I had taken trike and fishing gear, we didn’t do either.  We simply explored.

I’ll take a look through my photos and see if I can remember enough from my various rides to post something.  Unfortunately, now it’s winter and I’m cycling less.


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