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Hello, Spring? Are You There?
May 16, 2011, 3:02 am
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Written May 4th

Snow??  Okay, a lot of people think the Swedish population wades around in the white stuff year round, but we do have our snow-free months and snow in May is rare.  According to my husband, the last time he could remember it happening was in 1986.

So, there were no rides on the 3rd and today.  Tuesday was cold, wet and very, very windy.  We had light flurries mixed with rain and it just was not the sort of weather either me or my husband wanted to be doing our chosen activities in.  For me, riding along with hypothermia.  Jens standing in cold water with a colder wind and snow trying to get fish to bite a shiny piece of metal.

Recreated Iron Age Structure. Livestock Shelter I Think

Instead we went sight-seeing.  I could put up with walking in that weather better than cycling.  We checked out a pair of iron age village sites.  Took a 1.5 mile forest walk and then spent 2 hours wandering around Borgholm castle’s ruins.  By 3 pm, the sun actually made an appearance and it warmed up, but I was exhausted from all the walking.  My feet hurt too.  I didn’t really want to shove them into the torture devices that are my cycle shoes for additional pain.

Loke's New Dog House?

Today, was even colder.  I woke to below freezing temps and a hard rain.  I thought it odd it would be raining at 30 F when yesterday at 38 F we’d had blowing flurries.  As if summoned, the snow came.  Thick and furious.  At times, the flakes were almost an inch across.  It alternated between heavy snow and rain for most of the day.

I do so hope tomorrow’s weather improves.  If I come away from this vacation with a measly 26 miles worth of rides, I’ll be quite irritated with myself.


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