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Like A Chicken…
April 30, 2011, 2:56 am
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… with it’s head cut off.  The frantic, almost blind scurrying as one attempts to do everything at once in borderline panic.  That’s been me the past couple days.  Furiously plotting rides while trying to figure out what are ‘MUST SEE’S on Öland and what I can let slide.  Trying to get Photoshop to stop crashing my computer long enough to get my maps from the computer into hard copy.  Stressing that I’m going to forget something critical in the packing frenzy.

Work on all this would have started sooner except I was laid low with migraines, so everything ended up kind of last minute.  Even so!  Öland here we come!

I doubt I’ll be able to post while out there.  It’s a bit difficult to work on photos on my Apple and I’m not even sure my husband’s work laptop has an image software I could use to crop and resize.  I’ll likely do as I did on our trip last August which is, I’ll spend the evening after each ride with the day’s text and fiddle with the pictures when I get home, making a post a day.  That seemed to work out pretty well.  I really am quite excited.  A castle and church ruins sit on the island as do a number of runestones.  Beach scenery!  Spring in national parks!  And fornborg!

What is a fornborg?  Ancient fortified village remains.  When they were in use, they were a large wall of earth built up in a ring and likely topped with a wooden stockade.  Within, the homes and other buildings critical to village life would have crouched, tightly packed in that defensive ring.  I took a peek at them via Google Maps satellite view.  Two of them are just large earthen rings to be seen.  One has apparently been restored with some of the buildings within.  Another one is the circular earth wall, and though the buildings are long gone, the outlines are clearly visible within.  Gives you a clear glimpse of how cheek to jowl life in this sort of village was.  I’m sure it won’t look nearly as impressive from the ground, but I want to see it all the same!

I really am excited and looking forward to this! *excited girlish squeal*


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