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I Got A Headache
April 5, 2011, 3:23 pm
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It astounds me how 1 little piece of wire caused me such aggravation.  I turned into such a tangle of stress over whether the cycle shop could fix the spoke in time.

I’ve calmed down now, but I really did give myself a headache.  Wanted to go on my trip, irritated (understatement) that the ONLY spoke I’ve ever had break in my life had to happen two days before my first big cycle trip.  As I wrestled the wheel of the trike, the drum brake axel caught my eye.  Oooh. Could that cause problems with the spokes?  Yep, it did.  Because the hub is much larger in circumference than a typical hub, the spokes are about 10 mm shorter.  The wheel guy at the shop apparently had no idea how to adapt a longer spoke and called me this morning saying there was nothing he could do.  He’s never seen a wheel like this.  I’m certain it takes a bit of fiddling to adapt a longer spoke since one end has to be threaded and the other is not only bent, but has a flattened tip like the head of a nail.  It was just beyond his skill and knowledge it seems.

I called ICE.  They’ve always been great and they remained so.  Spokes were cheap and in stock so they could be dropped in the mail today.  At my husband’s insistence, I also ordered extra wheels.  Yep, two extra wheels are coming with the spokes.  A bit pricey, but I kind of skipped on getting anything for Christmas.  Late, but hey!

I ordered a front wheel and a back.  It turns out the front wheel is what’s called ‘Mirror Laced’ meaning it will work for the left or the right.  I’ll be able to slap the new wheel on when it arrives.  There will even be a tube and tire on it which saves me the bother of buying new tires.  I use a Marathon Supreme for my back wheel, so I will have two new Marathon Racers coming with the wheels.  For the seasons that swap between ice and dry, I’ll be able to swap between studded and slick rear easily.  Perfect!

It was only 5 USD more to speed the delivery from 4 days to 2, so I’ll be back on the road before the end of the week.  The wheel with the broken spoke will be back at a cycle shop as I’m happily riding again.  Such a relief!

I’m still aggravated about missing the trip though. *grumble*


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You can shorten an overlength spoke, put a double kink in the non threaded end to fit the hub and use that. I’m surprised your bike shop didn’t know that

Comment by dexey

I’m not. They couldn’t even manage the gears on my Trike. *eye roll*. If it’s not assemble out of a box they’re rather hopeless, but I figured I’d give it a shot. At least they’re nice rather than rude which is how the others are.

Comment by terii

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