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100.23 Miles?
March 31, 2011, 4:27 am
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Yep.  100.23 miles.  After my 3.62 mile ride around the River Loop with Loke yesterday, I loaded the rides from my Garmin into the Garmin Training Center software.  This was the total it gave me.  100.23 miles in less than a month.  Not my best.  At least one year, I was riding 100 miles in less than a week.  Quite a few solo rides admittedly, though I think Loke would have been fine covering that distance as long as he had socks.

However, as I stared at that number, I felt a significant prick of irritation and even disgust.  In 3 weeks, I’ve covered MORE than 1/4 of last year’s total distance?!  Don’t get me wrong, looking back at the whole cluster of set-backs, I understood I didn’t really cycle as much as I wanted, but for me to have done a quarter of the distance in so short a time when I’ve not been riding my best?  I don’t even feel like I’ve put forth much effort into getting out for this year’s rides at all.  If it’s been this easy, why didn’t I cover more distance last year?

It just boggles my mind.

But, I just wanted to vent that.  Get it in text to look back upon at some point.

As for the ride yesterday?  I wasn’t feeling too well.  It was a gorgeous day though and my husband came home from work a bit early.  He decided I should go for at least some kind of ride for Loke’s sake if nothing else.  We toyed with the idea of me starting from the Järlåsa Kyrka again, but though he was home early, I wouldn’t have been starting the ride until almost 4 pm or even 4:30.  Felt like a lot of effort for 2 hours riding.  So, to make husband and husky happy, I did at least get him to carry the trike out and give Loke a River Loop run.

No pictures.  The river is remarkably clear of ice already.  Some sections look rather ‘autum-ish’.  Brown grass, naked trees with dead reeds along the banks, but no snow or ice.  Not many sections, but enough.  We passed an absolutely adorable Doberman Pincer puppy.  He was about 6 months old, but already well trained enough his owner was walking along with him free of the leash.  When the man called him, he sat right next to his left leg and watched us go by with a bit of a whine and little prance with his front feet.  Very impressive restraint for a puppy.

Other than that, it was just a quick loop.  Maybe I’ll drag the trike out the door for a longer ride today if I feel better.  I think this weekend I’ll try to finish the trip I ended at Järlåsa though.

Maybe I’ll even make it a goal to crush last years total distance before the end of April. Muhahaha.  I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment, but I stand by that evil laugh. *smirk*


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