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Keeping Fingers Crossed!
February 1, 2011, 5:25 am
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We’re melting!  Melting!

Gysinge On A Gray Winter Day

Hard to believe and more than a bit disturbing, but we’re having the warmest January on record after the snowiest and coldest November ever.  More than half of the days in January reached temperatures above freezing and one day we even hit the mid-40’s.  Absolutely freakish.

Of course, the advantage to this is the roads are clearing.  A couple days ago, my husband and I made a quick drive on the Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop.  There were only a few places I would have been worried about my derailleur and chain.  Of course, much of the rest of the route was ice which would require a studded rear tire to drive me along, but it was smooth ice that wouldn’t go breaking that derailleur arm.  So, a couple more days of this and maybe I can do without the studded tires and will be willing to go for a ride!

Why my aversion to studded tires?  Swapping tires is rather unpleasant to my back and I’m unwilling to either swap them frequently (twice in a day maybe, but certainly several times a week) or give up the cycle trainer.  So, I’ll just hunker down on my trainer and stare hopefully at the roads.

It will be so nice to hit the roads again.  I know Loke’s missed it.

The furry one did have some things to amuse him this winter though.  Through November and December when we had insane amounts of snow, we bought a pair of snow shoes for me.  They were fun and led to something of a family activity.  At the nature reserve around the little pond where I took the picture for my blog banner, the snow was over 3 feet deep.  Jens and I returned there frequently to walk what we’d stamped down and add to it each time.  Rather I walked, Jens glided along on his cross-country skis and Loke hopped around like a mad dog in snow almost up to his back.

Then, when I’d get tired, we’d all turn back and Jens and Loke would zip down the path I’d made.  There’s an actual sport called ‘Skijoring’ with a dog or several pulling a skier.  Once we got Loke to stop pouncing the skis (or snowshoes) in the snow, he kinda likes the idea.  It is hilarious when he runs out of path though.  He leaps off the trail into fresh snow and stops.  When Jens tried encouraging him to run onward, he just went nuts, bouncing in a circle as if to say, “Go?  Go where?  This way?  That way?  I don’t UNDERSTAND!”.  All quite happily, I might add.  Hilarious!

While I rested to enjoy the beauty of nature and wait for the burn to go out of my thighs, Loke dragged my husband up and down the trail a few times.

Other than Loke, I discovered something else amusing the last time we were there before the weather turned and now all the snow is ice. While toying around with my new hobby, I did a public service.  The trail I laid out with my snowshoes became the ‘highway’ of that little park.  The last time, some 10 people showed up after we arrived for our walk and every one of them used the narrow corridor in the snow my repeated wanderings had packed down and extended.  Except for Loke’s off-side boundings no foot prints broke the snow any where else.

Maybe next year, I should make a business out of laying hiking trails and foundations for cross-country ski trails?

While it wasn’t cycling, it was fun outside at a place I discovered for the entire family (including Jens’ parents and siblings) as well as something to help keep Loke and I in shape for the coming rolling season!

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Good to see you back.
Have you thought of having a second wheel with the snow tyre on? It’s only a few seconds to change the complete wheel.
A couple offriends of mine with Trices have used studded tyres for the first time this year. They are that enthusiastic that I am going to get one myself!

Comment by dexey

Goodness, Dexey! You are an early riser! 😛

Actually, I have thought about getting another rear wheel from time to time. I even toyed with the idea of getting a 26″ rear for winter until I realised that would only be MORE work than swapping studded tires since I would have to change out the entire rear section of my Trice. Dealing with chain length and redoing the gears. *shudder*. I still haven’t gotten my Christmas present, I suppose I can ask for a new full rear wheel! 😉

Comment by terii

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