Terii’s Cycling Babble

October 8, 2010, 9:27 am
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The hits just keep coming.

My knees are being an annoyance, but I’m far more worried about Loke.  Again!

After our last ride/run, Loke started licking at all his paws.  It kept on through the night and the next morning, I discovered he was focusing on his right front.  I took a look and thought it looked a bit too pink between his toe pads.  With a pair of tiny scissors, I clipped back as much of the fur as I dared.  After that, I smeared it with a foot salve thinking maybe he’d stepped in nettles.

We kept it washed and smeared through most of that week.  Late Friday, I parted his toes to discover a wound had opened.  Monday, I took the furry one to the vet where he was diagnosed with a fungal infection.  So, now I’m washing his foot with an iodine solution and slathering with an ointment twice a day.

I can’t tell if it’s healing, but I think the sore looks a bit reduced.  He’s gotten to where he really doesn’t like me messing with it though.  It’s almost like it hurts more to tend the foot then it did when I first started.

I will say, I have an AWESOME dog.  Loke may not want the foot touched, but when I start getting everything together to tend it, he lays down on the black towel and sticks the foot out.  I don’t have to chase him around.  No bullying to get him to lay down.  I do have to wrestle him a bit to keep the foot in hand, but if it hurts who can blame him?

Loke doesn’t seem to notice it much between the washings.  He doesn’t lick at it any more which is good.  There’s been very little limping.  Usually, I think what few limping steps he takes now and again are because a rock or a stick went between his toe pads.  It still looks like I might get a solo ride in.  I’m not comfortable taking the furry one with me when the inner parts of his foot look like raw meat.

At least I managed to get at least 300 miles this year and quite a few things to see too!