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Today Was All About Loke
June 4, 2010, 2:49 pm
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We’ve had a gorgeous streak of weather this week.  It’s been chilly in the mornings, but clear and held the good weather through the days, though rather warm. 

I have been riding, but old ground again.  Waiting for the weekend to bug my husband to drive me out somewhere new.  I did however, take a slightly different route on my ride Wednesday.  Except for about a 2 mile stretch, all of it was over ground I’d cycled, but that new stretch did at least make it technically a new route.  12 miles.

Another thing I’ve done is worked quite hard to shift my mind-set about cycling.  The intensity of my focus to gain distance and get a tiny bit faster while failing horribly thanks to my knees (weather, migraines)  was really wearing me down.  I’ve managed to kind of change my attitude to ‘get out.. enjoy the day.  No stress.  No hurry.  Take care of the knees and have fun.’  It seems to be working.  I’ve not felt as frustrated at the sense of failure from missing those goals.

I lazed around for most of the morning… if you can call writing four novel pages being ‘lazy’.  It had been quite cool and very windy when I’d taken Loke out for his crack-of-dawn hedge visit, but I decided I wasn’t going to let the wind stop me though windy days are harder on my knees.

I was out on the paths/roads by 11 am.  Again, the first mile was laid back.  I didn’t really want to push for the wild mile and Loke didn’t seem bothered by my lack of motivation.  It was an easy 6 mph cruise along the first stretch of the cycle path toward the 272.  I stopped in a patch of shade to wait for a double trailer truck to clear out of the cross-walk for the traffic ramp.  As we sat there, a guy walked up and did a slow circle around the trike.  He asked me a few things, like did I make it or buy it?  How did I steer it?  Much to my surprise, he didn’t give Loke more than a passing glance and never asked about him.

The truck finally moved and we went our separate ways.

It confused Loke a bit when we didn’t take the turn onto Gamla Börje Road, but he adapted quickly and even picked up speed a bit.  It was old ground… a section of what I call our field loop.  Most of it we cycled Wednesday when we came back from making that new loop, but it didn’t seem to bore  him.  Maybe it was the fact we were cycling it from the other direction.

Though the sun was quite warm, that wind was a bit on the nippy side.  Even in the full sun, I felt slightly cool though another layer would have been too much.

We were passing by a day care when three boys suddenly came running to the fence.  It was a bit amusing that they had absolutely NO interest in the strange bike I was riding.  It was all about Loke.  Was he a boy or a girl?  What was his name?  What kind of dog?  I stopped there and unclipped Loke to walk up to the fence so the boys could get a closer look and pat Loke’s head.  It really seemed to make their day.  When I went back to the trike and we took off, they ran along the fence yelling Loke’s name.  It was cute.

The stretch along the 55 and the shopping center was a bit boring.  Lots of traffic.  Houses packed together and then the gorgeous view (sarcasm) of the shop strip with its parking lots.  A bit farther on, it got better when I finally picked up the cycle path on the 72.  It’s the same one I’ve ridden to and from Vänge dozens of times, though I’ve only ridden the far end  of it twice now, once from each direction.  I made the right turn to head back toward the road which goes to Brobo which is my Ulva/G. Uppsala Loop.

Along that stretch, I passed a girl, maybe 12 years old, on a bike going in the opposite direction.  Like the little boys at the daycare, she wanted to know about Loke and came over to pet him.  Much to my surprise, he even licked her face.  Loke’s never really been much of a licker… something I am profoundly grateful for.  Again, there was no curiosity about the trike.  Could it be, I am becoming an expected part of the scenery?

The usual down slope along one stretch of road was almost undetectable today thanks to the wind.  Loke was jogging along with his ears flattened back more than usual.  Of course, it might have been the socks annoying him since I’d put them on him before we’d even gone two miles.  His feet just don’t seem to be toughening up much.

As we were waiting to cross the 272, a bus came up behind us.  It wasn’t on duty and I had to laugh at what it had put on its sign where there’s usually its route/destination.  “Trevlig Helg” which is “Nice Weekend!”  Of course, by that point, I’d figured out it was the last day of school for most of the area.  Mostly it was the balloons decorating the fronts of a few houses.  Something traditionally done when someone living there has a son or daughter graduating high school.  I’d also seen a few cars decorated with streamers, balloons, and shoe-polish messages on windows.  That was a bit of a giveaway as well. Hehe.

The stretch of road between the 272 and Ulva Mill can be a bit brutal on windy days depending on the direction of the wind.  For over a half mile, it’s nothing but fields, followed by a small patch of trees and then another clear stretch of fields.  The winds can really get going along there.  As I struggled against wind and the very slight upslope along the first stretch, I watched the road weeds bending down almost 50 to 45 degree angles from their more typical 90 degrees.  The field to my right was lush with new wheat about knee high.  As I crept along, I watched that vibrant green ripple like water under the force of the wind.  It was a pretty sight.

That stretch toward Ulva was a bit quicker than it might have been.  Loke was expecting that ice cream when we got to the mill, so he was actually pulling quite a bit.  At one point, I glanced at his tether and he’d drawn out over an inch.  Nothing like a motivated husky to speed things along.

And I did get him ice cream.  Another of those chocolate dipped things where I eat the coating off and let Loke have the vanilla ice cream.  I’ve never had a fondness for vanilla… and I don’t really feel I should have much ice cream any way, so it’s a good balance!  I was a bit naughty this time though and bought myself a soda.  Oh, and another nice thing about Ulva other than the cafe?  It has very nice, CLEAN bathrooms!

The rest of the trip went fairly quickly.  Over the bridge and along the stretch to the old E-4 where I crawl up a hill before cutting across traffic in a left turn to do the push for Gamla Uppsala.  Once we reached Gamla Uppsala, I took Loke’s socks off.  Most of the way from there, I can keep him on grass so it was taking pity on him.  I zipped passed a group of tourists and had my picture taken more times than I can count.  Then further on along the mound path, I discovered I was being video taped.  *eye roll*  I just know one of these days I’m going to end up on You Tube.. if I haven’t already.  The horror!

It was just under 3 hours to do 17 miles.  Of course, that was against wind, taking it easy with my knees and stopping for over half an hour at Ulva, 10 or 15 min with the kids.  Oops.  Need to stop that.  Fretting about my speed.  Bad Terii… *smirk*

But it was a nice ride and a bit different though it was familiar places.  I had better get plotting a route for the weekend though!


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Hi Terri & Loke
I’ve just been away for 4 days camping pulling my trailer behind my Trice. I did a 15, then a 30, followed by a 40 and finally a 45 mile day. Taking it easy on the knees. I’ve also adopted a new diet. I call it the 50 minute diet. Every 50 minutes I stop and eat. Seems to work; I’ve come 1.5 kilos lighter :0)
have fun

Comment by dexey

That is so great! What area was your trip through?

Comment by terii

That is so great! What area was your trip through?

Comment by terii

West Midlands into South Staffordshire into Worcestershire and back again. They are all in England, of course :0)

Comment by dexey

England is a gorgeous country. It must have been a really nice trip!

Comment by terii

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