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Old Ground, But Good Ride!
May 28, 2010, 2:15 pm
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Yep, I finally made it out the door for the second time this week. *eye roll*  Mostly, it’s been quite chill and raining.  Yesterday was a pretty day, but I had laundry to do.  I may not love laundry during the winter, but I don’t really hate it either.  During the summer, I despise it.  So many glorious days lost because I have to drag clothes over to the other building to wash them.

I seriously didn’t think I was going to get out for a ride today though.  I woke around 4:30 am to rain.  Around 6 am, it was still raining.  Then sometime a bit before 10, I suddenly realised there was sunlight streaming through the window.  I checked the temp, looked at the clouds to see how threatening they looked and it all seemed good, so I went into high gear.

After walking the dog, eating an early lunch, airing tires, changing clothes, getting the odds-n-ends together… I was pushing pedals around 11 am having decided I was going to do the 20ish mile Börje/G. Uppsala Loop.  Things almost went bad right away.  Around 1/10 of a mile, Loke was doing his mad charge and we passed a woman and her dog.  It was a big black thing and she was talking on her phone, so she didn’t see us coming.  The leash almost snatched right out of her hand.  As it was, she managed to yank the dog short when he was less than 2 feet away from me, definitely in arms reach.  All I saw was flashing teeth with the ‘eeeewwww’ of dog food breath as we zipped passed at 15 mph.  Ahhh… who needs coffee when I have adrenalin from moments like that?  *smirk*

Fortunately, the rest of that first cycle path stretch was blissfully clear as Loke and I went on our merry way.  As always, I relaxed quite a bit once we were off the paths and on the road leading to Börje church.  Not too much traffic and aggressive dogs are VERY rare.  We weren’t going very fast for the first 4 miles or so.  Just poking along at around 7 mph and enjoying the day.  Clouds playing tag with the sun, a brisk breeze rustling the weeds and wild flowers along the road and the wheat in the fields.

It’s really amazing how fast that wheat is growing.

I also had a very brief Swedish lesson.  An older couple was walking along the road.  They cheerfully waved as I approached and when I was close enough the gentleman asked if I was on a long trip.  What impressed me most about this interchange, is I didn’t have that ‘translation moment’.  Anyone who’s learned a second (or more) language knows what I’m talking about.  He spoke, I understood without my brain telling me, ‘He asked if you’re on a long trip’.  They laughed when I told them just 30 km.  I think they were dubious about Loke running that far if nothing else.

So many people are shocked by the distance Loke covers.  Our veterinarian included.  I don’t know why.  Huskies in the really big sled races can run 100 or more miles in a day, eat, sleep for a few hours, wake up and do it again.  The most I’ve taken Loke is something like 43 miles which was my very first leg of the Sverigeleden last year.

The only other thing of interest that happened was Loke almost dislocating my wrist when he tried to turn sharply to the right and chase a pheasant cock as it burst out of the weeds and took off across a field.  Ever since an incident  few days ago, Loke’s gotten really intense about pursuing the larger birds.  While my husband was walking him, Loke apparently got his teeth into a ring-necked pigeon.  It seems the poor bird was crouched in a hedge and wasn’t quick enough to escape.  Before Jens really knew what happened, Loke had killed the poor thing and he had to pry Loke’s jaws open to get him to let go.

I still thought it was really neat to see the pheasant as I tried to convince Loke that he was NOT going to be able to go after it.

Other than that, we just stopped at the mill for ice cream again and rode home through the grave mounds.  I was surprised there was no mud after all the rain we had overnight and early this morning, but it was good and firm paths.  I was determined to get at least 20 miles, so had to fiddle a bit with adding some of the River Loop, but I did it.  Right at 19.97 miles… which if you add the distance I covered from the apartment to where I turn on and turn off the GPS, would easily give me that extra .03 mile. Not to mention for about a tenth of a mile when I left Ulva, I forgot to turn it back on.

So, that puts me at 35.5 miles for the week.  Just 14.5 more and I will have made my goal of 50 miles.  Hopefully weather and knees will cooperate.

Sorry about the lack of photos, but it was just the same old scenery I’ve taken several times and I’d accidently left the memory card for my camera at home.


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