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It Wasn’t So Bad…
May 18, 2010, 11:56 am
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Once I got out the door any way.

Though yesterday was gorgeous, clear with temps in the low 60’s, I didn’t get to ride.  Around 10 am as I was taking Loke on his business walk in preparation for going for a ride (I was even dressed in my cycle clothes!), I got slammed with a migraine.  It was a full blown one, not the annoying aural type that generally doesn’t hurt as it plays games with my vision and makes my tummy do somersaults.  I curled up on the couch with a pillow over my head and listened to the TV most of the day.

Today dawned a bit cloudy, but it had stayed quite warm over night.  It was 55 when I woke up at 4:30 am and I probably would have started getting ready to cycle then, but my husband was waking up at 5 am to leave on a business trip for a few days.  I wanted to see him off.

So, I worked a bit on one of my books as I waited for him to wake up and get ready to go.  Once I saw him off in the taxi, I got moving.  I was out the door with Loke for his pre-cycle walk a bit after 7 am.  It was a beautiful morning and I was looking forward to what would have been my first truly morning ride of the year.  I saw a hare in one of the yards as Loke and I passed.  The birds are also fledging.  I stopped to watch one harried mother or father bird try to feed the train of fussing, stubby feathered puffballs screaming after it.

By 7:20, I was working on getting everything together.  Water, camera, cell phone and GPS.  As I was doing all that and getting dressed, I got something stuck in my left big toe.  At first I thought it was a splinter of bamboo from the mats we put down in place of rugs.  Whatever it was it HURT and there was no way I could put my foot in a shoe with it.  That wasn’t the end of painful things.  As I was putting Loke’s harness on and bent across him to grab straps and fasten buckles, I got a spasm of back pain.  In turn, my knees buckled a bit which caused them to flex just a little too deeply… and they screamed.  I almost flattened poor Loke.

By then, I had everything but myself and the dog outside.  Knowing that a trike ride often makes my back feel better after such an attack, I was determined to do at least the river loop.  It did help.  Even the test ride on the Trice QNT I did in England at Inspired Cycle Engineering in 2006, I got off the machine with my back feeling better than before I sat down on it.

Two hours later, I finally managed to dig out a small sliver of glass.  It seems like every time a glass gets broken in this apartment, it’s MY feet that collects the elusive shards. *grrr*

It sort of took the ‘ooomph’ out of me and it wasn’t until 10:30 I finally got everything out and we got started.

A Perfect Spring Day

Today, I actually left the sheepskin at home!  The weather for the first hour of the ride was absolutely perfect.  I wasn’t the least bit chilled and I didn’t feel hot at all.  Oddly, the claustrophobia and impatience I’ve been having with my usual routes was absent.  Maybe I saw enough new things on my ride Saturday to hold me over, but I was imply enjoying the day.  Sunshine, perfect temps, flowers, trees with new leaves, bird song, the scent of fresh mowed grass.  Even Loke seemed okay with the Ulva/G. Uppsala loop with the river extension added.

The second hour of the ride began to warm up and I started wetting down Loke’s ears and legs to help him dissipate a little heat.  Loke didn’t seem to mind it in spite of the fact he usually dislikes anything remotely ‘bath’.  I pour water into my hand and then kinda ‘squish’ it into Loke’s ear fur.  He doesn’t try to avoid it or shake it off as I do it.  Just stands there panting and scanning for critters he’d want to chase.

The ride between home and Ulva Mill was uneventful, which is good since my husband is in Amsterdam which would have made a rescue a bit difficult.  By the time we’d gotten to the mill, even I felt a bit warm and Loke’s tongue was bouncing around his knees somewhere as he ran.  We pulled in and after I tethered Loke to a picnic table away from where most of the people were enjoying the sun and cafe food, I went to buy us ice cream.

Eyes Dreamily Half Closed

Loke knew what it meant as I walked off.  He was sitting pretty and licking his chops in anticipation before I even made it 10 feet away from him.  It took a bit of hunting to find something without chocolate.  I wanted Loke to enjoy his ice cream without getting poisoned.  I watched the swallows coming and going from their nests under the building eaves as I held it for Loke to lick.  When he was done, I offered him more water and then waited for half an hour so he wouldn’t get sick from running so soon after eating it.

Since it’s been a couple of days without rain, I took the Grave Mound path back.  It turned out to be some kind of school field trip.  Just a little past the museum, I came across a group of girls around ten years old.  They all exclaimed happily at the sight of Loke and the trike.  I even stopped so they could swarm all over Loke.  He just sat down to take in all the pats, strokes and cuddles of girly affection.

He was panting VERY heavily when we got home.  I’m not sure why, but Loke really pushed hard the last 2 miles to home and overheated.  Even before I got the trike in, I wet down a towel to rub him down.  Since I started blogging as soon as I had Loke settled and the trike seen to, I’ve been listening to him pant.  Fortunately, as I’m wrapping up this little babble, he’s now sleeping flat on the floor and not panting at all.

It was 16.2 miles.  Will I actually manage to hit my 50 mile goal in a week for the first time?  I don’t know, but barring any more obstacles, I intend to try!

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