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Shot Myself In The Foot…
May 11, 2010, 8:18 am
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Figuratively speaking of course.

This has been the coldest and wettest spring I’ve seen since I arrived here in Sweden.  The temps have been in the low 50s and spitting with rain for most of the days for the past week.  Nothing like the years before where, as I mentioned, I was heading out for rides at 5 am so Loke wasn’t getting heatstroke.

Glorious Day and No Cycling

Today dawned gloriously clear and the sun has that pure quality that gives a special light to the day as you can see in the photo.  The weather man (and Weatherbug on my computer) promised of temps in mid/upper-50’s.  Very little wind as well.  Around 9:30, it was about 46 F or so and with the sun that is warm enough to ride as long as I have my woolies on under the cycle clothes.  So, I checked the air in the tires, filled the water bottles and took Loke out for his ‘pre-cycle business walk’.  As I was nearing home I almost screamed when I realized one fatal flaw to my plans for an outdoor ride today.

Loke’s harness is in the car with my husband in Stockholm.

*sighs*  Good thing my husband and I have trained ourselves out of swearing in general or I would have been giving a unique English lesson to the children in the playground of the daycare across the street. *smirk*  I really did want to cut loose with a few choice words though.

Why was Loke’s harness in the car instead of hanging in the entryway where I always put it after a ride?  Well, my husband’s youngest sister and her husband wanted to try out their new backpacks over difficult terrain.  For some odd reason, they wanted to complicate their experiment with a hyper and insane husky.  Rather than fight with a leash, Loke was put in his harness with a 6′ lead fastened to a belt Emil wore.  We drove them to the state park and picked them up as well, which means Loke’s harness ended up in the car.  It’s still there, tucked in the corner next to Loke’s car crate.  Loke had a good day though.

Any way, no harness, no Loke going with me.  Unfortunately, if the trike goes out the door without him, Loke goes into hysterics.  Destructive, howling separation anxiety.  So… No ride.  I really don’t want to face a mob because Loke howled for two hours and then have to clean up the couch he ripped apart.

At least the only time he acts that way IS with the trike.  Me and my husband can come and go with no problem.  Shows who Loke really loves, doesn’t it?

So far, this year is turning into a bigger disappointment than last.  I’m already more 150 miles behind my total for these first months than I was last year which was HUGELY behind the year before any way.  No tours.  Very little new ground.  Cold, gray, wet weather threatening me with hypothermia and the deep vein trombosis that can come with it.

Still, trying to stay in the spirit of my goal of cycling at least 50 miles in a week, I am going to get on the trainer for a couple hours which is about the length of time it takes me to ride one of my short routes.  I rode it for an hour yesterday as well.  I honestly never really thought I would be using the silly thing once we hit the end of March or so. *sulk*

And the weather for the rest of the week?  Rain and low 50’s of course!


Well, the hubby came home with the harness, but by then it was almost 2 pm.  He kinda bullied me out the door, but starting out that late all I really did was go around the 3 mile river loop.  Loke was bored with it, I was bored with it… so I just kinda dragged Loke into keeping a respectable pace and we were home 23 min later.   I’ve also put in 3 hours on the trainer though!


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I don’t know that it shows who Loke really loves, but he is obviously a dog of high taste :0)

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