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May 4, 2010, 2:12 pm
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Sorry, no pictures since it was old ground again.  Just me babbling.

Though it was quite cold this morning, it warmed up enough for me to go for a ride around 10:30.  The weather wasn’t bad, though a bit breezy.  The sky had a high, thin cover of cloud at the upper elevations slightly dimming the sunlight and the rest was scattered with big, puffy clumps of other clouds lower down.

I even had a reason to ride.  Jens and I are going out to eat with his parents this evening, so Loke needed either a very good walk (walking is brutal on me) or a run.  Since I feel much worse after a 30 min walk (nothing to Loke) than I do from a 30 mile ride… riding the trike with Loke running it was.  So, sunshine, knees the best feeling they’ve been in days and a reason to go – out I went.

During the ride, I decided that next week, I will set a goal to ride 50 miles this week and definitely next week.  That comes out roughly to 4 of the Ulva/G. Uppsala loop, or my other short loop.  The reason I decided this was because I could have ridden yesterday, but I ended up blowing it off.  I just had no motivation even though I managed to get myself dressed, the dog walked and air checked in the tires.  By then it was around 12:30 and I lost the ‘oomph’ to make the three or four trips to the parking lot with various parts of the trike, bags, and dog.  No other excuse than ‘Bleah.  I don’t wanna do it.’

That attitude will definitely keep me from riding out to new areas and I won’t have it.  Especially since in August, my husband and I have actually planned a vacation where I’ll be cycling and he’ll be fishing in a lake that is supposed to be great.  Since it’s in a mountainous region, I really need to try and get my stamina up for those long slow climbs.  The Sverigeleden sits right there next to where we’ll have our cabin and not too far away there’s a place to get my booklet stamped!  If I want to do more than 5 miles a day there, I NEED to be trained up a bit.

So, those are the reasons for my goal of 50 miles a week.  It’s not much, but I’ll probably increase it after accomplishing it.  I’m going to do my d**nedest to make no excuses.  There are only two things I will allow to dissuade me.  First is rain and below 55F.  Rain and 55 F or warmer, I’ll give riding in it a shot and just pull on a couple layers of wool since it holds warmth even wet.  If I still end up too chilled, then I’ll reconsider that temp limit.

The other is of course my knees.  I absolutely will NOT risk giving myself more frequent and worse knee problems.  The last thing I want is to be permenantly disabled.  All that would do is stop me riding completely or I would have to swap to a hand crank trike.  I get enough wierd looks so I really would like to avoid that.

So, about the ride.  It was Ulva/G. Uppsala loop again though I added the extention going upstream of the river and took the grave mound path home from Gamla Uppsala instead of along the road or through the residental area.  It was quite breezy which made the 16+ miles a bit more of a work out than it usually might have been.  There were even dust devils twisting across the plowed fields.  There have been buds on the trees, but so small that you couldn’t really see them until you got quite close.  Now, some of the trees actually have a faint green aura about them as their leaves are beginning to unfurl a tiny bit.  Much to my surprise, the huge pile of ash from the bon fire out at the grave mounds was still smoldering.

Hmm.  I guess I should explain about the bonfires.  Sweden celebrates the end of April and 1st of May.  There’s a kind of festival down along the river in Uppsala where people gather for picnics and to drinks LOTS.  Friday evening, my husband and I drove through downtown Uppsala and there were men and women staggering around (and being sick from excess) all over the place.

Out in the more open areas of the country, piles of wood are set ablaze into some very impressive bon fires.  The one at the grave mounds, they begin gathering materials for it in January.  This year, the pile was higher than a two story house and over 30 feet in diameter.  So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised it was still sending up tendrils of smoke 4 days later.

We also drove through the country for a bit.  It was neat to look across miles of fields and clusters of trees and see several fires blazing in the distance as dusk gathered.

Another random thought – I was looking back over some of my posts from last year.  I found it rather interesting that during the last week of April in 2009, I was heading out on my rides with Loke at 5 am to ‘spare him the heat of the day’.  This year it’s been the complete flip side where I’m twiddling around until 11 am so it will be warm enough I won’t come home blue.

Okay.  That’s enough for now.  I think I’ll plot out a few routes and try to ride on later this week.


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Great blog Terii, I wish mine was good! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added a link from http://tricerider.blogspot.com/ – If you do mind, please let me know…

Happy triking from Tim in England

Comment by imppact

I don’t mind a bit, Tim! I took a peek as I get a heads up about links that refer to my blog from other sites. You have some quite interesting posts, like the one of the Trice that got bent in the accident. I’ve added your blog to my bookmarks to check up on from time to time.

Thank you for the nice words!


Comment by terii

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