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Things Might Be Quiet Here
April 30, 2010, 3:51 am
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This year is not starting out well.  So, posts here might be scarce for a bit due to three reasons. 

1) I’m only riding the home loops, so not much to say.

2) Yet ANOTHER cold or flu keeping me in.

3) Computer problems even if I do get to ride.

Still, I’ll be doing what I can to build up my stamina for a tour though I’m starting to feel a bit discouraged.  Hopefully, I can get some new rides in and the computer issues fixed so all of you can hear about them.

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Hi Terri
I often feel like you and I don’t dare take a dog with me!
I expect you have thought of this but have you tried doing your home loops in reverse and at different times of the day? Very early, early, evening and late perhaps? 3 home loops in forward and reverse equals 6 and 6 times four different times of day equals 24 different rides.

Comment by dexey

It’s true I generally try to ride as early as possible. Right now, that hasn’t been very early since it’s still quite cold in the mornings.

Most of my discouragement right now is due to the fact that I get a ride in and then circumstances mean I don’t ride for another week. I’m coughing too much or wierd bouts of body aches. The past 3 days now, I’ve been coddling my knees which have been making a challenge just to get out of a chair let alone pedaling.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Comment by terii

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