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April 23, 2010, 2:21 pm
Filed under: Day Rides

Well, sorta any way.  I was still trapped on one of my short loops, but at least I got OUT.  The first time in 11 days! #*/% cold!  Now to see if I gave my self a relapse.  Would be my luck.  Even so, this ride was desperately needed.  After not able to do much more than wheeze, sneeze, cough and gasp since my last ride, I was about to climb the walls with cabin fever.  Loke?  The less said about his behavior the better. *smirk*

There were a few days during this cold that it was actually a pleasure to stay in.  Temps barely above or even slightly below freezing, gray and SNOW.  I’ve been here for six winters now and this is the first one that we had snow here this late in April.  At least days like that, I wasn’t sitting here, sulking at the sunshine and 65 F temps while I hacked and sniffled.

The tabloids did say the volcano in Iceland would give us a cold summer though my husband doubts this is because of that.

So, I was working furiously on my book and checked randomly checked the temperature around noon.  47 F?  Sunny!?  I was SO out of here!  Loke got into a bit of tizzy as I was getting everything ready.  He was REALLY missing those runs.  I wrestled everything out and ended up taking a few minutes to talk with a couple of my neighbors.  One is a very sweet older woman who lives in the bottom apartment on the other end of the building.  As I was wrestling with the trike, she actually had a suggestion for me about a new place to store it.  That took quite a few minutes since I have a bit of a hard time understanding her.  I think it’s because she has an accent that throws me off a bit.

The other woman has a cute little dog and they always stop to say ‘Hi’ to Loke and I.  So, I socialized with her for about 10 minutes before I got under way.

From Clear Skies To This - 20 Min

Of course, once all that was done with those perfectly clear skies were cluttered with clusters of rain clouds and there was  stiff wind.  Amazing how quickly the weather can shift like that.  Odd that it always seems to do it between the time I decide to cycle and get pedaling. *eye roll*

It turned out to be not too bad.  It was a bit cold with that wind and in the shadows of the clouds, but I had extra layers packed in those black and red pannier bags I always take with me.  It was an uneventful ride.  Except for my Garmin Edge 705 impressing me for a moment at least.  I was pedalling happily along in one of the rare moments of sun, when it gave a strange beep.  I looked at it just in time to see ‘-Monitor Discovered’.  Huh?  Heart rate monitor?  Where?  Right then, one of those hard core cycle types whipped by and I had to laugh.  My Edge apparently picked up his HR monitor from 50 feet away or so.  Most of the time, those things can barely be picked up a meter away.

Not Purple Crocus, But Pretty!

I spotted dandilions making an appearance.  I know they are the bane of American home owners, but I never saw as many dandilions at one time until I moved here.  Oh, it might amuse some of you to know that in Swedish, dandilions are called ‘muskrosor’ (am I spelling that right?) which translates to ‘worm roses’.

Other than, it was a quick ride on my Ulva/G. Uppsala Loop.  Felt like most of the time I was just ahead of the rain.  It sprinkled on me a bit the last 100 yards or so even.

Once we got home and I wrestled everything in, Loke started doing his face-rub on everything remotely resembling fabric.  So, I got a towel and he bounced happily over for me to ruffle and rub him down all over, especially his face.  I’m not sure why, but he absolutely adores it.  Another of his many quirks.

So, I guess that’s about all to babble about for now.  Hopefully, I can get out again this weekend though the forecast makes it look a bit risky with a fairly high chance of rain.  Warmer at least!  I would REALLY like to get out and ride another section of the Sverigeleden toward Stockholm.  Fingers crossed!

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