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Cursssessss….. (said in sinister thwarted villain voice)
March 23, 2010, 1:05 pm
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We had a bout of warm weather and the sun, a gentle wind and temps between 40 to 50 F had the huge piles of snow melting like mad.  The 10 to 12 inch sheet of ice that has been our street since December was starting to develope little micro-canyons with the small river of melt water toward one of the few open storm drains.  Quite a few roads around had been mostly clear of snow and ice for a few days, but ours and the others between the apartment and the cycle path near the school remained stubbornly impassable.  One section of the street wasn’t ice, but I wasn’t passing it in my trike either.  I’d have been up to my hips in water.

But there were enough roads clear that I was so desperately itching to ride.  I decided to talk my husband into driving me along the Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop with the idea of starting at a little drive through fast food place not far from the Gamla Börje road.  It was clear!!  So, the next day, I got everything together (I thought) for a short ride with Loke.

It was sort of funny.  I was getting in the clothes and making sure we had water, checking air in the tires and Loke kept watching me.  None of the hysterics he used to get.  It was like he was afraid to believe it was happening.  Maybe he thought I was just toying with his emotions after the trike sat on a trainer all winter while I pedaled in front of the TV.  It wasn’t until I put the harness on him that he got a little exicted… but still not much.

Hubby dropped me off at the Sybilla about 2 miles from home and I got the trike put together, swapped shoes, got the flag set, doggie hitched and Jens drove home.

The sun was shining, it was almost 60 F and barely a breeze (provided the trike wasn’t moving).  Loke went completely nuts and kangaroo hopped at the end of the tether until we got moving to a respectable clip.  It was GREAT to be moving again!!

For the whole 1/4 mile it lasted. *eye roll*.  Just a few yards after leaving the Sybilla parking lot, we crossed the 272 (or is it 72, I confuse the two) and started up the STEEP hill that is the beginning of the Gamla Börje road.  Suddenly, my chain went wierd and didn’t seem to be grabbing teeth as it made this clacking noise and all forward progress halted.

There I was, with a hyper, insane husky doing his best to drag me up, me gripping the breaks like mad to keep from rolling backward and potentially breaking something while franticly wondering how on EARTH was I going to get out of the seat at such a hideous backward angle.  Imagine laying in a lawn chair that someone has lifted the end up 1 foot and trying to get up… only if you let go of a brake, you’re going to roll wildly backward into a VERY busy intersection while dragging a dog with you.  Yeah.  That will get the blood pumping.

Somehow, I did it.  No minor feat given my back has been bothering me and I’m not a slim woman by any means.  I had a moment of trying to wrestle Loke into a semblance of calm so he didn’t rush out across the street when I put him on his leash before I could look and see what happened.  My chain had jumped off the rear cassette and was stuck between gear sprockets and spokes.  I also realized, I’d forgotten the tether cable so even if I was close to something I could have hitched Loke to, I had nothing to tether him with that he wouldn’t chew through in 2 seconds.

Stuck on a narrow section of semi-busy road with a shoulder that was an ankle deep morass of mud in the middle of an otherwise glorious day.  I had to go home and fight with the gearing on my trike.

I hate adjusting cycle gearing.  Have I ever mentioned that?  I’m not sure I have, but I am now and I can’t adequately find the words to describe how MUCH I despise it.  I think I’ve faced my trips to the dentist knowing I was going to get my teeth drilled with more calm.

Loke On His Way To China

So, my husband didn’t even make it all the way home before I had to call him.  The picture above is the only one I managed to get on the incredibly short ride.  At least Loke had fun while waiting for Jens to come get us. *smirk*

The oddest thing was, Loke had been a complete butt for the past two weeks.  Tense and scrabbling desperately to his feet if Jens or I so much as scratched out noses.  Pushy, woofing at us even after an hour’s walk.  We couldn’t have gone more than .25 of a mile and he came home, flopped down on the floor and slept like the dead for 3 hours!  It’s the most relaxed and calm I’ve seen him since some time in November!  It was WONDERFUL!

Since then, March has been toying with me.  The next day (March 21st, spring equinox), the lovely spring day with almost 60 F temps was a distant dream as it was 28 and blizzard!  In less than 8 hours we got over 10 inches of snow!  The yesterday, we had highs of 40ish F and things were melting like crazy.  Today is 33 F.. rain snow mix.  Forcasts keep promising weather that will clear the roads, but it’s always tomorrow.

Hopefully, I got the chain issue fixed so the next chance I get to ride won’t be cut short. *fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed*


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