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Guess Who!?
February 26, 2010, 9:15 am
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Drottningholm Grounds

Well, me.  Who else would it be?  Yes, I know I’ve been incredibly silent, but I seriously doubted anyone would want to hear about my exciting adventures of pedaling in my livingroom while staring at the TV.  What inspired me to blog today is the fact it is the first day we’ve had above freezing temps since around Christmas!  Still a bit too cold for wimpy me to get out in and even if it were 70 F, I would have to wait for all the snow to go away to avoid replacing parts on my trike.  I’ll also throw in a few photos here and there to share the beautiful winter we’ve had here.  Like the one above taken on the grounds of one of Sweden’s World Heritage sites.  They won’t be in any particular order though. 


Round Church

Just Liked The Image

This winter has been a doozy.  Definitely the one with the most snow since I’ve moved here to Sweden.  There were a few days where it would start and some 40 hours later, we’d have over 3 feet.  If it didn’t compact down in the way physics dictate and stayed fluffy, I think it would be up to the balcony railing in the backyard.  As it is, I think it’s almost mid-thigh. 

And it has gotten bitterly cold as well.  The coldest we had (and I actually went out in) was -25 c which is -13 F.  It ties for the coldest weather I’ve been out in ever.  The first time was up in South Bend, Indiana (home of Notre Dame College) and the days following the blizzard we had that first winter I was there. 

Blocks of Ice on The Trees

Poor Loke was suffering for it.  Not the cold itself.  It would take more than -13 F to get through the mass of his fur, but it was downright brutal on his feet.  The snow would pack between his toes and then it just seemed to burn the tender skin there.  He was limping for a few weeks, another trip to the vet, and I had to smear an ointment between his toes before we’d go out.  The temperature got back up to around 15 F and he healed up and has been fine since.  So, it was definitely tied to the cold.  It seems I have a wimpy husky! 

Loke has been able to get a little running in though.  My husband takes him out to this one lake from time to time.  They keep a skating path plowed clear of snow on the ice as soon as it’s safe enough for people (and a truck with a small plow attachment) to be on it.  I was a bit nervous when my husband first started doing it with the furry one last year, but Loke does very well and he loves it.  I don’t think he loves it quite as much as he loves cycling, but then, I might be biased. 

The only problem seems to be that Loke doesn’t like leaving me behind, so getting him started can be a bit tricky.  There is no way, I’m risking my neck (and bad back) to pair of ice skates to go with them.  Not to mention, I just find going out on ice rather skin-crawling.  I don’t CARE if it’s safe for a small pickup. 

Loke Hunting Beavers?

Jens also tried skis with Loke.  All that resulted in was gales of hysterical laughter.  Loke, like most huskies, has a strong prey drive.  It gets him into quite a bit of trouble as he does the fox pounce in the grass after critters which is where he gets his eyes scratched.  That fox pounce is hilarious when he’s trying to figure out what’s moving under snow and it’s the tips of the skis someone is wearing.  He was pouncing like crazy right around the front of my husband, both of us just gasping with laughter.  He was convinced there was something fun to play with under that frothy white!  Forget running across the field with my husband in tow.  Another of those moments I was wishing for a video camera. 

Oh!  I almost have the tooth issue solved.  It’s been a long road (almost a year for those who might have forgotten).  Last April and a fair chunk of May was botched because of flu, tendonitis and a brutal tooth ache.  Well, it’s taken so long because I have a phobia of dentists.  So, I’ve been getting treatment to get past my fear.  Then it turned out I needed a root canal.  Actually, with my very kind dentist who’s been helping with my phobia treatment, that turned out to be essentially painless.  Sadly, it didn’t get rid of the infection.  So, shortly after Christmas, I finally had an appointment with a specialist… which was not as painless as my other dentist.  Turns out the problem tooth has a crack in it all the way down the length of the root and cannot be saved.  It has to go.  *sigh*  Well, at least it’s not bad oral hygiene costing me my tooth.  Turns out, root canals are now no problem with my phobia, but I still freak out over extractions.  *sigh again*.  I WILL get this tooth over with before my cycling season starts!!  Other than that, the rest of my teeth are in great condition.  Even when they’re talking among themselves for a consultation in the room, the dentists remark about how great my teeth are… except for the cracked one. 

Ice, Snow & Water

I checked in on the Inspired Cycle Engineering web site again and they have announced their 2010 model.  In a way, it made me kinda sad because the Trice model is no more.  It’s gone the way of the Pixie and various other models that ICE has crafted over the years.  On the other hand, the new model had me drooling covetously.  All sorts of new bells and whistles for it.  What appears to be an improved folding mechanism, as well as options for full suspension.  Real suspension!  There are videos of it on their web site.  Kinda like the difference between a WW II jeep and a limo.  Granted, I still love my little ‘WW II’ jeep of a trike.  Not to mention, I can’t really bring myself (or my husband) to cough up the cash for it when my Trice is still running fine. 

It does need a bit of maintenance work though.  It’s time (maybe even past time) for me to replace my 2nd chain ring on the front, the entire rear gear cassette, and the chain.  I’ve just been holding off on it while I’ve been using the trainer.  Though, now that it’s giving hints of spring, I probably should at least get the rear cassette ordered. 

Hehe.  Show me a thermometer with a temp above freezing and I just get all giddy and excited!!!  2010 cycle season – Here I come!!