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December 3, 2009, 6:22 am
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Yes! Another post.  Not related to any ride I’ve taken sadly.  It’s finally gotten almost winter like in this part of Sweden with lows in the 20’s.

Every so often, I pop onto the Inspired Cycle Engineering (the awesome bunch of guys who produce my trike model and have gone into recumbent bikes as well!).  This time, they had a link on their web site for the blog of a guy who circumnavigated the contiguous US to catch all the ‘extreme’ compass points.  He rode through many of the towns I spent most of my life in along the Gulf Coast (Pascagoula, Gautier, Moss Point) as well as places that hold incredibly fond memories for me (New Orleans and Pensacola for the early days of my relationship with my now husband).

I found it especially interesting for the fact that he was also on a Trice QNT (’08 model), and all the abuse he put it through covering over 12,000 miles in just under 260 days.  It was a definite inspiration to read!


That’s his blog for anyone interested in reading.  Lots of interesting places to hear about, gorgeous and amusing pictures, and I especially loved hearing about the many generous people who crossed his path.  All of you who shared your hospitality and generosity with Don (on the off chance you look on here), thank you from all of us who tour and aspire to tour!

As I posted in a comment on his blog, it was a definite inspiration to cover the whole of the Sverigeleden… just how to convince my husband to do without me for the better part of a year?!