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Von Essen Family Plot

This is the family plot where Hans Henrik von Essen is buried.

He is a significant figure in Swedish history. He was born in 1755 at Kavlås Castle further south in Sweden. He was educated at Uppsala University. At the age of 18, he entered the army. He accompanied King Gustav III on his travels. He was also present at the masked ball where King Gustav III was fatally shot. He was credited with quickly ordering the doors to the ballroom closed so that the assassin could not escape.

Hans was appointed to colonel in 1787, major general 1795, field marshal in 1811. He served as over-governor of Stockholm from 1795-1797. From 1800 to 1809, he served as over-governor to Pomerainia (northern Germany and Poland along the Baltic) until the revolt in 1809, where-upon he recieved the title of count and a seat at the Council of State. In 1810, he was sent to Paris as an ambassador by King Karl XIII. His negotiations with Napoleon restored Pomerania to Sweden.

In 1814, he served as commander of the Swedish army along the Norwegain border. During the Napoleonic wars, Denmark sided with France along with Norway. With the defeat of the French, the Treaty of Keil forced the king of Denmark to cede Norway to Sweden. Hans served as Govenor General of Norway until 1816 when he was succeeded by Count Carl Carlsson Mörner.

Hans Henrik von Essen died in 1824

Quite an illustrious history for someone buried in so remote and tucked away corner of the world.

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Hans Henrik Essen’s son Gustav von Essen lived in Helsingborg at what is known as Persson’s villa and pror to this Essenska villanhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/97/Helsingborg_Essenska_villan.jpg/800px-Helsingborg_Essenska_villan.jpg. Peter Wieslegren, whose ancestor Abraham i Spanhult was personal guard to Sweden’s boy King Gustav XII(lost war to Peter the Great at Poltavo), was Dean of Gotberg University, and friends of the family. There is a photo of Emma Wieselgren (his daughter) with Gustav Essen’s wife (Baroness Ida von Rehausen from England)at Essenska. Emma Wieselgren’s mother Mathilda Catharina Rosenquist is my great grandfather’s sister. This is how I connect with this history. I am sending you an invitation to view what little I have acquired on my Picasa web Album. Marc Rosenquist

Comment by Marc Rosenquist

Oh thank you! I love those sorts of historical connections!

Comment by terii

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