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Oops! I Broke…. Myself.
September 28, 2009, 2:52 pm
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Yep, I think I over did it.  Just on a measly 14 mile loop too.

I woke up one morning last week and my left knee was just killing me.  It had been fine the day before.  I hadn’t ridden my trike the day before.  There was absolutely no reason for it to be so incredibly painful.  So, I spent days coddling myself, taking anti-inflammatory meds, keeping heating pad on it since it seems to hurt less when it’s hot.

And it’s been driving me crazy not being able to trike.  Sometimes, it honestly seems that I have an addiction to cycling.  I get cranky, feel like I’m going to climb the walls, don’t sleep well, don’t feel right.  Well, my knee felt a bit better this morning and it was a gloriously clear day out.  I’ve been itching to get out into the country side to see if the leaves have been changing more outside Uppsala.  Just after lunch, I scrambled around and got everything outside determined to do at least an extended river loop.

A Bit of Color

A Bit of Color

Loke was half wild just while I was trying to get dressed and get the trike out.  He was thrilled to death to be out and moving again.  As addicted as I feel to cycling, Loke is more so.  He turns into a bit of a butt when he doesn’t get his fix.

It was a bit on the cool side with a bit of a breeze, but I didn’t really feel the need for any extra layers.  It’s rather odd, but I can be perfectly comfortable running around in shorts and light weight shirts while Swedish natives and wearing double layers, a coat, hat and gloves… and I’M the southern girl!

My knee didn’t feel too bad as I got out and moving.  It didn’t feel exactly right, but at least there was no pain.  It was a beautiful day.  It felt good to be out and Loke was happy.  I spontaneously decided to do my 14 mile Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop.

There is no question that autumn is officially here.  There’s that little nip in the air.  You pass by orchards and there’s that sharp scent of fermenting apples that have fallen among the leaves and grass under the trees.  Birds are gone or gathering up in huge flocks to make the trip for milder climes.  The leaves are either changing or falling like mad.  I think this is going to be another disappointing autumn color wise.  It’s more like some leaves go sort of yellowish before straight to brown as they fall while others don’t bother to change at all.  They just drop right off the tree while still green.  *sigh*

Hint of Color!

Hint of Color!

I guess though, it does make you appreciate the little splashes of color you do find.  The breeze coming across the fields felt nice and Loke loped along with that silly, tongue flopping Husky grin with the occasional ‘Whee! This is fun!’ glance at me.

Best Patch of Color Yet!

Best Patch of Color Yet!

After about 7 miles, my knee started to fuss at me.  Silly me, I didn’t think to bring any pain meds either.  There was really no use in turning back since it was the half way point with about the same (or worse) hill difficulties if I turned back.  So, I just rode on.

One nice thing about the Ulva/Gamla Uppsala loop is that there’s a fair stretch of about three miles that is on a very subtle downhill slope.  I can rip along at 17 mph under my own power for the distance, hitting 21 fairly easily on the more obvious down slopes.  Granted, that’s when I ride it without Loke, but he still picks up speed to about 9 or 10 mph for the stretch.  I think it’s because he wants to go see the pony who whinnies at him and then runs along the fence line with us.

Uppsala From A Distance

Uppsala From A Distance

Ulva Mill is about a mile and a half past that farm with the pony.  It was actually a clear enough day and free of haze that as I came up to the mill, passing the strawberry fields near it, I realized it was a good chance to take a shot of Uppsala’s castle and church from a distance.

After about mile 10, I was really feeling it in my knee, but it still felt good to get out and move.  Get my fix as it were and also a nice idea that maybe Jens and I can have a bit of peace from Loke since he has also gotten his cycle fix.  He’s flat on the floor right now and every now and again, he gives this deep groaning sigh.  Hopefully he won’t be back up to high energy in two hours.  That just would be my luck.

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