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Sverigeleden Part… I Forget! » 09-12s Västeråkers Kyrka 2

Västeråkers Kyrka

Archbishop documents from 1302 and 1316 show that there was an earlier church in Västeråker. In the new church (which I think is this one) is a stone tablet that tells of the begínnings of this church in 1331. This church is unique in that there are no other medieval churches in Scandinavia that have information of the year of their construction, who built them, and so forth, actually IN the church. There is quite a bit further information about the church that I need to work on translating a bit more, mostly in regard to something about windows and murals as well as the various renovations over the centuries.

Also while researching the church, I discovered that a rather famous Swedish man is buried here, though I didn’t pay much attention to the church yard itself. His name was Han Henric von Essen (1755-1824). He was born further south in Sweden but was educated at Uppsala University. When he turned 18, he entered into the army and had a rather significant miltary career, even accompanying King Gustav III to a masked ball where the king was assassinated. Hans Henrik is credited with immediately ordering the doors to the ball room shut so that assassin would not escape. There was further information about his career, but too much to give here.

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