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Sverigeleden Part… I Forget! » 09-12i Upplands Rune Stone Unknown 2

Unknown No Longer!

As I promised myself, I drove by this stone with my good camera and the telephoto lense. While changing this description might interrupted the flow the blog this photo was originally in, seems silly to reload it.

Translation of Upplands Runestone #860.-“Fastbjörn and Torrun allowed to be raised this stone after Ingefast, her husband. God and Mother of God help his spirit.”

Stone Info – It talks about multiple stones, but I’m not sure where the other is. “These stones orginated around the Måsta bridge. Both have nearly the same text and were raised for the same people. They were carved by Åsmund Käreson around the first half of 1000’s.

This is the perfect example of what I meant with the animals almost worked into the knotwork in almost celtic style.

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Terii. this one is very neat and I can see what you mean about the Celtic influence. The Norse had been looting the coasts of Scotland, Ireland, and France for hundreds of years by 1000 A.D., very possible the artist copies parts of what he had seen there.

Way Cool!

Comment by ward

*laughs* You know, I guess that goes to show how focused I was on the runestones themselves that I didn’t even connect the knotwork style to the fact that the Vikings were raiding and colonizing much of Europe. Dublin was a Viking colony.

Comment by terii

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