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Sverigeleden Part… I Forget! » 09-12e Upplands Rune Stone #855

My Favourite Runestone! Upplands #855

Translation of runes, “Inge-(missing section) and Jogärd allowed to be raised this stone after Est, their son. Arnfast and the brothers raised this stone for after their brother.”
The central carvings inside the circle of the runes shows a moose hunt in winter. You can clearly see the dogs and a man on horseback with a spear. Lower down there is also a man on skis with a bow and arrow. High up on the stone, outside the circle of runes is a hawk. Another hawk has actually attacked the moose with its claws in its head.
I had also at some time found some additional information about the stone that mentioned that the man on the skis might be a represenation of the Norse god fo the hunt (Ulle, I think was the name?). Another site had also said that it is possible that the carvings represent a sort of constellation map, with the hunter on the skis representing Orion and some other part of it representing the Milky Way (which is called the Winter Road in Swedish). Sadly, I can’t find that site again to clarify those details.

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