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The Feel of Autumn
September 10, 2009, 12:07 pm
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I don’t know about other people, but to me, the seasons have a definite feel to them.  Something that goes beyond temperature or time of the year into something less tangible.

The first day of the year that felt like autumn was actually shortly after I noticed the yellowing of some of the leaves in the trees in the neighborhood.  It was cool, but we have days as cool or cooler even in the middle of summer here in Sweden.  There was just something about the feel of it that had nothing to do with the fact it was 62 F, or 15% humidity.  It was definitely a fall day.

Today was another of those days, making it the second of the year.  There isn’t siginficantly more yellow in the trees.  It’s a bit cooler today than yesterday, but not the day before which did not feel like autumn.  It is also otherwise one of those perfect days you want to stay out in all day.  Clear skies and cool, but not cold.  One of those days just made to get out and move.

I went ahead and wrestled the trike out the door.  Loke was thrilled to see it go out, knowing that he was coming with.

We went for just a very short run.  5.5 miles actually.  Just our River Loop with Extention route.  Loke’s obviously still trying to recover some stamina… or he’s very bored.  I’m more inclined to think the latter to be honest.  It was beyond words to be out in the full sun with no clouds and not feel like I was going to faint or be sick.  Pleasant.  That is what it should always feel like in the sun here in Sweden.

Other than that, there’s really not much to say about the ride.  It was very short, just 40 minutes with potty and water breaks for Loke.  No pictures because it feels rather silly to take photos AGAIN of some place that I’ve ridden over more times than I can count.  The only thing that has changed really are the grain fields that have been freshly plowed to wait for the winter snows.  I keep hoping for the leaves to change nicely this year.  Last year was a bit of a disappointment in that matter.  But, we’ll see.

One reason I kept the ride so short was a tenative plan to ride another section of the Sverigeleden tomorrow… with a detour.  Maybe I’ll have Jens drop me off in Hagby and I’ll stick to the Sverigeleden for a while, before taking off in another direction for a 4 miles or so to rejoin with it further on.  There’s a very specific reason for that.  Along one section of Sverigeleden, I discovered a farm with a barn fairly close to the road.  At that farm, the owner lets his dogs run loose and one of them is a very scary border collie.

Don’t laugh.  First, I am at head level with most dogs and car bumpers, so if a dog attacks Loke, my face can easily be in the firing range.  This wasn’t a bright, friendly, clean dog.  This one was snarling, head down, his coat filthy and matted.  Unkempt comes to mind.  I’m not easily frightened of dogs, or any animals for that matter, but this one got my heart racing and throat dry.  I’ve had a dog the size of a pony come snapping at Loke and it didn’t disturb me nearly as much as that border collie.  It stopped about 10 feet away, showing all its teeth and just rumbling in its chest without any kind of barking.  Eyes kind of wild and hackles up.

Thankfully, for once, Loke didn’t get into his hyper, lunge-at-the-end-of-the-tether-to-meet-him, thing.  He just kind of stood there and stared at the dog with his head cocked as if trying to figure out what its problem was.  After a heart-stopping minute or so, the dog finally turned and slunk off.  Needless to say, I found another way home.  I’ve avoided going past there since.

I will do so again even though the Sverigeleden goes right past the scary border collie place.  I don’t think people on bikes and without dogs have anything to worry about, in all honesty.  I think the dog was more in insane protect his territory from Loke mindset.  Maybe if Loke doesn’t make it that far, I’ll stick to the Sverigeleden.  If Loke is still with me when I get to the appropriate turn offs, I’ll detour.

Okay, enough random babble.  Hopefully I’ll have a proper ride to blog with pictures tomorrow.

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