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Transportation As Well As Fun!!
August 31, 2009, 12:59 pm
Filed under: Day Rides

Well, it’s not often that I use my trike for actual transportation like most Swedish people will use a bike.  Mostly because bike theft is rampant and I’ve been reluctant to trust my trike out in the open for more than  a few minutes.   Today I had an appointment and decided that while Jens could drop me off for it, I’d ride home.  Loke, sadly had to stay home which means that we had to put the trike in the car.  If I’d taken the trike out this morning, the fuzzy one would have been absolutely hysterical at the idea of HIS toy going out the door without him.  This way, he had overnight to forget about it.

Old Blue Building

It's Blue, I Promise!

The ride home isn’t one of my favorites since it’s through Uppsala.  Don’t get me wrong, Uppsala is a beautiful small city, but I still prefer the open spaces of the countryside over traffic noise and dodging traffic (foot, bike, and car).  I kept looking for a good angle down one of the streets to get a nice shot of the big church, but there just was no cooperation.

Still, it felt good to cycle though I’m not wild about threading my way through the city streets.

Ooh! And I saw another trike too!  It was a side-by-side tandem!  I thought that was just so neat and we all waved cheerfully at each other as we pedaled past.  It’s always good to see others who are bucking the against the ‘Diamond Frame Bikes are the only REAL bikes’ mentality.  Aggravating to no end when I try to get parts or work done on my trike and have the shop employees/owners grump at me ‘Get a real bike’.

I have a real bike, thank you.  So what if it has a fully supportive seat instead of a butt numbing saddle and three wheels letting me make it up hills without walking?  It’s a highly engineered machine!

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