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Cursed! Cursed, I Tell You!
August 19, 2009, 10:18 am
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Well, the list of obstacles this year keep mounting up.

My new right hand, 5 arm short crank arrived a few days ago.  I wasn’t in much of a hurry to mount it since the weather was horrible.  That kind of rain you go out in and drown.  Sections of road were flooding enough that I would have needed a snorkel to navigate given my trike’s low profile.  Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I definitely would had the lower part of my body submerged and Loke unhappy as it would have been almost chest deep on him.  He doesn’t like it once water gets half way up his legs.  That kind of weather just took the urgency off swapping out my chain rings to the new crank and installing it on my trike.

This morning, the weather was nippy at 46 degrees when I woke up, but crystal clear and I went into high gear to go for one of my 14 mile routes around lunch time.  As I was removing the bolt that holds the chain set to the bottom bracket, the head sheared right off.  Given how little force it took, I’m suspcious that what I thought was a damaged crank might actually have been the bolt giving way.  So, now I’m stuck with the end of a bolt in my bottom bracket.  Until I either find a way to get it removed or replace the bottom bracket… I’m cycle-less.

Oh well.  At least this will give me a bit more time to see if Loke’s mystery limp returns.  Monday around 10 am, Loke walked into the kitchen for a drink of water, he was only using three legs.  The left hind leg, he was holding away from the floor.  I could find no wounds, or swelling.  He didn’t seem to mind me handling the paw or manipulating his leg.  There had been no whining or yelping to indicate anything had happened for him to be limping so drastically..  That entire day, even on his walk, he was hobbling along.  He greeted my husband when he arrived home from work on three legs.  We went out the door to walk to the vet’s and mysteriously, the limp vanished.  My husband decided that it was probably useless to go to the vet saying, “But he was half crippled 5 minutes ago!”  He’s been walking fine since.  Weird dog.  Still, I find it worrying and will be watching the fuzzy one like a hawk.  I’d be heartbroken if anything happened to my cycle partner.

And sorry, no new photos to share.

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