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Screeching Halt
August 11, 2009, 6:23 am
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Well, I don’t know what caused it, but it seems that my right hand crank is damaged.  Last year it was my left crank, so I guess my right one decided it was its turn.  I wondered a bit if the loosening crank might have been what helped cause the chaffing.  Maybe its wobble making me pedal different and caused things to abrade in the wrong areas though it didn’t feel like it was wobbling at all.  After the incident last year with the damaged crank loosening the bolt, I seem to be rather sensative to it.  I noticed it within the first mile when I took the trike out yesterday for a short (14 mile) ride.  I was even sensative enough to it that I could feel the wobble when I pedaled, but couldn’t sense it when I tried to move it with my hand.

So, I cut the ride short and came back home.  In just the 2 miles to home after I discovered the wobble, I had to tighten the bolt twice more.  The problem is I have 155mm cranks with a road chainset.  From what I understand, short cranks are more common on mountain bikes with the much lower gearing.  I don’t really want my gearing that low, so I’m not very interested in a mountain chainset, but it’s looking to be very hard to find the short cranks on road chainset now.

I am very much a convert on the short cranks though.  When I damaged my left crank last year, I changed to a normal 170mm road chainset.  It was brutal.  Absolutely killed my knees.  It took me a month to find a replacement for the short crank that had been special ordered when I first purchased my trike.  It looks as if the model has been discontinued.  Fingers crossed that I can find some still laying around in stock somewhere!  Until I find a replacement or find a service here in Sweden to cut down longer cranks, my trike will be gathering dust.

Until then, I’ll just try to think nice thoughts, and share a couple of photos from past rides.

Enjoy these glimpses of Sweden!
Ekeby Windmill

Ekeby Windmill

Shady Lane

Shady Lane


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